Saturday, September 7, 2013


UGGGGHHH!!!!!!  I can tell I haven't slept well the last couple nights !!
We made it to market on time and I had a decent day for the post Apple Festival weekend.
Hubbie headed home about 10:30 to help with the moving as #1 son's family moves into their new house that they purchased from #2 son and Aaron and Rebekah move into #1 son's house.
I had a little helper today at market. This is little Cora, she has the prettiest blue eyes !

She belongs to one of my market neighbors and visits me often.
I used the slow time to rest up for what I know will be a busy afternoon and evening.
I re-arranged some of my crafts to cover my table now that our baking has slowed down.
I've been looking for a maniquin to display my bonnets and aprons on but can't find one so I made a pretend one today on one of my shelves to display this matching set.
This is a popular wall hanging. It shows the history of case tractors along with some old barns in the corners.

I came straight home after market to help with the kids so the moving could kick into high gear. Looks like things are going smoothly.

My job was the best job of the day . By the way we did not go out on the road like this,only up the driveway !!!
Wonder what these two are discussing now !!!
They were both so good today, I called them my "golden children" today as they played so well together. G-son had his first soccer game this morning and he said he scored about 5 goals,he kept his jersey on.
A nap was on the order for little Evy after all the hard playtime. Looks like I am going to have to find some pink somewhere !!!!  Bless her little heart !!
Daughter and her boyfriend went to the Clemson football game. She had won free tickets through some of the coaching workshops she went to this summer and were surprised when they found themselves on the fourth row back behind the team bench.

Moving continued all evening. They got the beds all set up so they can sleep in their new homes tonight but still lack quite a few things to be moved.
The girls went after take out El Paso for supper tonight and then they called it a night !!
I am so grateful to my loving Lord tonight. As I watched both those precious little ones today I thought how lucky I am to be in this place with these folks around me. I feel so blessed,I never forget to thank Him each day for His grace.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Ah, the wonderful energy of youth. I want energy back.

Now we will have to see all the families in their new places.

You did have the best job.

linda m said...

You did a great job today. Taking care of those 2 precious little ones is the best job ever. May God bless you and your loved ones.