Monday, September 2, 2013


Surveying the flood damage this morning early.
A lot of mud covering the pasture grass and still some water.
Annie and Flash survey the trash that washed up against the front road fence.
The ducks were happy to have more swimming room in the flood waters.
The flood water marks on the trees showed the water got about three feet high in the lowest area of the pasture.
The area we were worried would be washed out badly wasn't as bad as we thought but it definitely needs some work before the next flood hopefully.
A raccoon had been here just before us, possible caught up in a tree overnight waiting for the waters to recceed.
Annie wisely didn't take her usual dip in the creek.
The back fence also had some trash on it.

The water got higher than we ever expected it to get from rain upstream from us. #1 son said near the head waters of our creek they got at least six inches of rain in about an hour. Yep !!! that would do it !!!
The cattle were glad to be high and dry this morning as they fought for shade in the barn.
As I came back inside I spotted this work of art on the azalea bushes.
After our walk we decided it was time for Bernie and Dolly to get haircuts and baths. After they were all groomed and washed I sat with them wrapped in blankets to let them stop shaking and dry while hubbie went to Tractor Supply for a couple bags of feed. We usually bathe the dogs at night so they dry under the covers away from the air conditioning but today I had to sit out in the sun room with them wrapped in warm blankets. Watching them snooze made me sleepy so I had to get up.
I worked in my sewing shop, cutting out 6 little baby bonnets as I am down to two of these at market.
After lunch I went  downstairs to work in my dried herbs awhile. I got all the dried ones in jars and filled the boxes with fresh herbs to start another drying batch.
I had several jars of basil....
and rosemary .
I will keep some for my use in the kitchen and for my herbal sinus packs and I have some to sell at market.
Freshly dried herbs are so much richer in fragrance and flavor than the ones in the stores that have years of shelf life.
The storms and rain for today went west of our area thankfully although we were hoping for a brief shower to wash the mud off the pasture grass.
The clouds kept the temperatures in the mid 80's all day but the humidity levels made it very muggy out there.
Hubbie brought in a basket full of tomatoes and peppers tonight from the garden. Our tomatoes are getting a blight even with his constant spraying so they won't last much longer. Even some of the pepper plants had to be pulled up and thrown away as they are starting to wilt with disease.
He pickled 5 jars of hot pepper this evening.
Daughter and her boyfriend came in this evening to pick up a crate for a little dog that appeared at her house earlier today. They had taken it to a vet office to look for an ownership chip but found none.
The dog is a little male Fist.
Hubbie and I went over to #1 son's house tonight to go through some of the things they didn't want anymore as they are packing for their move to #2 son's house.
It was strange to see boxes all over the house. It is amazing how much stuff you accumulate in almost eight years at a place you call home.
We came home and hubbie went to bed while I blogged and waited for the news to come on.
Grateful for a loving Lord who blesses me unconditionally every day. May I strive to be deserving.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Sounds like you were spared some of the more severe flooding. It still looks like you got a lot of rain. All my flowers are starting to die due to the crazy weather we are having. We'll probably have an early Fall this year - the signs are starting to appear. God bless you and your family and keep you all safe.