Friday, September 20, 2013


Off to school with g-son on this very foggy morning. I'm so glad he likes school and goes bouncing out of the van happily each morning. I see parents pulled off on the sides of the drop off road pleading with their kids every morning, I'm sure to get them to go to school without a fight. Last year I watched the principle have to drag a little boy out of his car kicking and screaming.  I thank the Lord each day for a very willing g-son to do what ever he is told to do.
I baked 6 caramel cakes, 2 chocolate and 2 pound cakes this morning along with some lemon bars. I used to make these little treats years ago and thought they would be a nice addition for something small for snackers to try.
I did some house cleaning catching up in the sunroom and then went outside to sweep the many spider webs from the porches and eaves of the house. There seems to be a million and one of these guys out here this year and I get so tired of walking in to the webs.
This describes my feelings exactly.

I decided this would be a good day to get out the fall decorations for the outside. As I decorated I was buzzed by one of the last, I'm sure, little Hummingbirds of the season.
Seems my front porch always looks the same with the same old decorations year after year but I still feel more festive and more like fall is here now.

Each year I do throw away some things and replace them in the after holiday sales and this year will be the same with some of my flowers looking pretty shabby this year.
I still have a bunch of decorations in the attic to get down and see what I have up there next week before I buy anything else this year.
Little Evy came for awhile this evening. She is getting so big and so cute and fun to watch as her curiosity grows each day as she becomes more and more mobile. Her and hubbie played catch the empty water bottle while I ate my supper tonight. Should have made a pic.
She was watching out the back door when her daddy pulled up and started jumping in the walker when she saw him get out of the truck.
This is a really cute age, she is still pretty helpless but is developing a personality and in her eyes you can see that sparkle of awe at what we think are just normal things.
After she left I iced my caramel and chocolate cakes and got things ready for market.
Giving thanks tonight for the little things in life that mean so much.
Good Night and God Bless.

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