Thursday, September 19, 2013

MEMORIES FROM 1953 & 1963

D-in-love called at 7:15 this morning saying she had just woke up so she would take g-son to school on her way to work since she was going to be late anyway.
I got up anyway because daughter came with her baked things on the way to school. After she left I layed back down but couldn't go back to sleep so I got ready for market early today.
The morning started out very slow but as the sun came out and the day warmed up so did business.
I sold a lot of crafts today along with my baked goods.
After market I ran my regular errands and stopped in Lowes to see what they had on their summer clearance racks. All the patio furniture was 50% off which was a really good deal but I don't need any so I didn't buy anything.
I got home a little after hubbie got here from work at almost 5:00.  After we got things unloaded I had to get off my feet for awhile to watch the evening news.
I wore my tennis shoes today for the first time since last spring and after running around in open toed sandals all summer the squeeze from my tennis shoes made my feet achy.
After a salad for supper and finishing the evening chores I walked down in the lower pasture where Aaron,hubbie and Rebekah were burning the Wild Cherry leaves so the cattle can go back down there to graze the green grass that has been growing quickly in the cool weather. As we stood watching the fire die down we also got to watch the big bright Harvest Moon rise over the trees. Thankfully the clouds stayed away long enough tonight to get to see this gorgeous moon rise.

I found a couple old decade pictures in my search.
This one dated September 1953 has my dad standing in the dark clothing between my mother on his left and my Aunt Mary (mom's little sister) on his right. My uncle Anderson Holmes is sitting in the front chair, he has no left arm. Who the other folks are, I have no idea.

Ten years later this was me in fourth grade in September 1963. By this time I was liking school much better than in the earlier years. Judging by the looks of my hair my dad must have still been taking me to the barber shop with him to get my hair cut also.
 My fourth grade teacher's name was Mrs. Paul (Edna) Pryor who was married to one of my cousins.
I don't remember any major events that happened that year other than I think that was about the time I got really self conscience because no one could pronounce my name correctly.
I still remember that feeling because I made sure all my kids had easy to pronounce names so they wouldn't have to go through that.

Thanking God for a day with His glorious loving kindness and praying for forgiveness in all my shortcomings.
Good Night and God Bless.


Sandy said...

Gorgeous new header picture on your blog.

It sounds like it was a good morning at the Farmers Market.

linda m said...

I love your new "header". Happy to hear you did so well at market. We didn't get to see the moon last night due to rain. Have a great weekend. Blessings