Friday, September 6, 2013


Today started out really early, like 12:30 am with the ringing of my cell phone. Now I know that it is not going to be good news when I answer a call in the wee hours of the morning.
#1 son's voice was on the other end and he told me they were on the way to take g-son to Missions Hospital. He woke up wheezing badly and complaining with painful breathing. They thought it was probably due to all the dust they were stirring up during their moving and the fact that he had gotten so much better after getting outside in the fresh air. But with his mom's history of asthma they were not taking any chances. He said they would probably bring him back here to sleep the rest of the night out of the dust.
I finally dozed back off and was petrified when I woke at 7am with no news about g-son. I called #1 son who was asleep and he said they had given g-son a steroid treatment and said they believed it was the dust that had aggravated a mild irritation he already had.All his oxygen levels were good so no asthma was suspected thankfully.
His dad had already taken the day off to work on the move so he stayed with him all day to make sure he had no further problems.
I took a nice long relaxing walk in the sunshine on this beautiful late summer morning.
Our September garden is coming along.
This second planting of okra is getting ready for the first cutting,maybe I will have enough to pickle.
These late cucumbers are blooming so maybe some late fresh cukes ?
We finally after 3 plantings have a few green beans on these vines.
The fall garden wide row of Kale is coming up good.
As well as this single row of Collards.
In the front yard the Beauty Berry bushes are adding the vibrant fall purple berries.
My Crepe Myrtle is blooming late this year.
I heard the whistle and saw this Red-shouldered Hawk circling my chicken lots, glad I have netting over them.

I spent the morning baking 20 layers for caramel and chocolate cakes. I did some housecleaning while the cakes were in the ovens.
After lunch I made a trip to Ingles for meat and other fixins for the cook-out tonight. We are grilling burgers for all the kids so they can continue with the moving preparations.
#2 son came also to help move some heavy furniture. Daughter had to go work the concession stand at the football game with her volleyball teams.
After we ate hubbie and I went over to help #1 son and d-in-love in their packing and the guys moved all their furniture and packed boxes into two large trailers he had borrowed.

I came home about 10:00 to ice cakes and get ready for market. #2 son came by and picked up left overs and went home around 11:00 because he has to go to work early in the morning. Hubbie finally came in about 1:00 am when he and #1 son brought the second loaded trailer up here to park.
I'll bet we sleep good tonight after last night's sleep interuption and all the activity of the day !
Grateful to God for the blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless. 

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Sandy said...

Thank God your grandson is okay!!!! Asthma scares me, my husband had it bad as a kid. He says he grew out of it but I don't think he did because he has breathing issues at times.

Your son and daughter in love are getting closer to getting everything moved, I'm happy for them. This is such a big job to get everything taken care of. Having family to help is just wonderful too.

All of your winter gardens are looking really good, so you'll have a heft harvest.

Sleep well tonight!