Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Woke to the sound of pouring rain this morning. D-in-love called back after she dropped off g-son to say the water was ponding badly in the lower pasture where the cattle are.
Fortunately by the time it was time for us to leave for school the rain had slacked some and the water wasn't rising as fast.
I sloshed through chores and then went over to my friend Markeetta the beautician to have my hair shampooed and cut. Her and her husband have just finished setting up a rental house in Sunset Beach, NC. The rent is very reasonable and I told hubbie we definitely need to check this out !!
Back home I did some housework while #2 son came by to work on the internet looking around for land or houses.
School had an early release day and I picked g-son up at noon. He and his uncle D  had pizza for lunch.
#2 son left to go look at some properties and g-son got absorbed in Lincoln log construction projects so I started my baking.
I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 2 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes.
I spent some time this afternoon talking with g-son about how he is doing in school. I just hope he is doing as well as he thinks he is !!!!
#2 son came back after finding another piece of land to look at, he talked to the selling realtor and his buying realtor who happen to be husband and wife !!
Since it has rained all day and is still raining he will have to wait until tomorrow to go walk around on the property.
Aaron and Rebekah brought Evy by while they examine a large cyst on one of their cow's neck. She was not a happy little girl after playing for about 30 minutes happily she began to cry and nothing could appease her.
She still didn't act happy when mom and dad got back. I hope she isn't getting sick, bless her little heart.
I did weekly paperwork,payed bills and iced cakes for the rest of the evening.
Daughter came by and picked hubbie up for a meeting at church.
I have one more decade series for this month. There were no 2003 pics so the September unknowns are the final series of photos this month.
 I've always wondered if this picture below is my mother at a younger age because I see alot of resemblance in some of mine and daughter's pics.
 The man on the left in dark sweater is my uncle Anderson Holmes but the other man ???
 I think the lady on the left is my Aunt Carol but not sure.
I have gotten a couple identities since I started doing these so it has been worth my time copying and posting them, thanks to all who have ideas for identifications.
Grateful to God for blessing me with another day of smiles and laughter and good health.
Good Night and God Bless

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