Thursday, September 26, 2013


As I took g-son to school this morning we had a conversation about what happens to all the dead animals on the sides of the road. He thinks God comes down and gets their brains so they can get new bodies when they get to Heaven. Sounds good to me !!!
Market was pretty good today with the nicer weather. We didn't have sunshine but we didn't have any rain just clouds and cool temps.
#2 son came by  market and said he had walked the property that he found yesterday and he really liked it. It is an 18 acre piece of land that borders the property across the road from us. He will be really close by the way the crow flys but around the road it is probably about one mile. He left to check with some modular log home builders to see their prices.
He called later telling me he went ahead and made an offer on the property. Maybe this is what he has been waiting for. It sounds like it is going to work out, we put it in God's hands.
After running regular errands,picking up baking supplies and some great pumpkins and mums for decorating from Walmart at a really good price I made it home just ahead of hubbie.
We got everything unloaded and relaxed while we watched the news before we did evening chores.
Aaron and Rebekah brought Evy back tonight while they gave the cow with the cyst more medicine and finally got all the gunk out of it. I know the cow will feel better without that huge knot on her neck. Evy was much better tonight as she only whined a couple times for her mama.
Daughter had a volleyball game in town tonight against East Henderson High school. She is the coach looking at the clip board in the skirt.

D-in-love brought our church directory pictures by tonight and they are really good. I am very impressed with the quality of these photos.
This is the entire family.
My fun loving kiddos !!  No, I didn't buy this pic but with the purchases I did make I was able to get the CD with our entire photo session on it with a copyright release.
This is the best photo that hubbie and I have made in a long time.

Thanking God for my wonderful family tonight !
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

i am so happy to hear that son#2 may have finally found his "home". The fact that it is so close to you is a real bonus. I love the pictures. Now I can put some faces to the names. You have a very lovely family. God has certainly blessed you.