Wednesday, October 22, 2014


BRRRRR!!!!!   Mother Nature will definitely get your attention this morning. With 42 degrees and very windy conditions it is a "toe boggin" and cover-all morning as I head out to feed today.

The animals wanted to get out in the warm sunshine quickly as I'm sure they wanted to forget the cold overnight wind as soon as they could. I hate to put the plastic covers over their windows just yet as the temperatures are going to moderate after a couple more cooler nights.
I took a brisk walk this morning then warmed up with a hot cup of green tea while I read my morning devotions.
I baked 12 caramel,1 chocolate,  1 coconut, 6 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes before the dust settled in my kitchen today.
Evy came to stay with me while her mom went to the grocery store this afternoon and she was so sweet and playful after having some stomach problems for the last couple days. I'm glad she is feeling much better.
After chores tonight is paperwork night so I buried myself in the mass of papers stacked on my desk.  Sometimes I look at these and wonder how we accumulate so much paperwork in a weeks time?
I finished the night out icing cakes and made it to bed around 12:30am.
The decade pictures for October 2004 are from one of our usual fall beach trips. These are from the outer banks, I think we stayed in Avon, NC this trip.
We ferried over to Ocracoke island riding in #2 son's jeep. D-in-love took  this picture of us I am in green on left, daughter on top,#2 son sitting and hubbie standing. #1 son must have been behind us with d-in-love.
 #1 son and d-in-love on the Cape Hatteras light house.
Hubbie and #1 son fishing on the pier at night.
#2 son with his catch !!!

I can't believe this is all the pics I have from that trip but so far can't find any more. We always went to the beach in October before we had folks involved in working and going to school.
When I look at these pictures it surprises me to see how much the kids have changed in what seems to be such a short time but then I think wow, that was 10 years ago and alot has changed in that 10 years !!
Grateful to God for the precious memories and all the fun family trips we have made.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,'s a bit cold there 42 degrees....oh my!!! Our temperatures at night have been in the mid 50's, and during the day almost 85 degrees. It doesn't feel like Autumn here at all. Maybe more like an Indian Summer.

Love the pictures of summer at the beach. It's funny how fast time flies and our kids grow up.