Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Ahhh a relaxing morning.  After chores , breakfast and an extra cup of hot green tea while I read my Bible I sat and watched the clouds try to decide if they were going to give us more rain or give up and let the sun take over this day. 
We already got 1/2 inch of rain over night so that must have been enough for us as the sun won the battle finally for a nice day.
I did some house work and then watched little Evy while Aaron and Rebekah, her mom and dad, closed on the property across the road from our farm.  I am so glad this is finally done as it has appeared at times that it just wasn't going to happen.
They began this process last October when I suggested they call, Margaret, the elderly lady who bought the property from my father many years ago to see if she might sell it to them. I knew she wanted to keep the land in farming, as that was the wishes of her late husband Bo Thomas.
She said she would sell to them, had the land appraised and the process began for a farm loan.
After many ups and downs throughout the process it finally came to an end today as they are now owners of the property.  Congratulations to them !!
Rebekah had to go to a staff meeting at the hospital she works at after the closing so Evy got another visit to "Mimi and Papa" s house. That is what she has decided to call us.  She is getting so smart and is even starting to put sentences together.
Her dad came after her when he got off work.
Hubbie and I did the evening chores.  The full moon is beautiful tonight in the clear sky.
I am getting pretty good at operating my big Canon on manuel mode to capture close ups in the dark.
I came inside and canned apple sauce from the rest of the Hoover apples I bought. They made beautiful red apple sauce and with only a little sugar it taste very good.
Daughter's volleyball team played their last home game of the season tonight and this is a pic of her helping them warm up.  She is in the dark pants and top at the net on the left.
They defeated Pisgah for second place in their conference.  Only one more regular season game at Brevard on Thursday and then play-offs will begin.
I baked 6 pound cakes and a blackberry wine cake tonight to get a jump on my busy baking schedule for this week.
Thanking God for another wonderful day filled with His blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Please tell Aaron and Rebekah congratulations on their new house for me. That is so exciting and I am so happy for them. I am happy for you also as you get to "keep" them for neighbors. Blessings