Thursday, October 2, 2014


Just thought I would sleep till my alarm this morning !  Daughter arrived at 7:15 with her baked goods on her way to school.
I got everything ready and loaded for market and headed out on a cool cloudy morning.
Market was slow as expected but I did sell more than I expected, so I am very thankful.
I was able to catch up on my blog post and some reading between customers. It was pretty cool in market today with the fans blowing and Saturday the fans will be turned off I'm sure as we are expecting the coolest weather of the season Saturday morning at 36 degrees.

These colder temps will speed up the fall leaf color which seems to be passing us by this year so far.
 Just as I was going out the door leaving market a customer stopped me and bought 3 more cakes which made this a good day for me.
I ran the errands and picked up baking supplies for myself, daughter and Rebekah as the girls got another large order for apple pies and goodies from the orchard for the weekend.
I made it home about 5:00 just as hubbie was getting here.  We got the van unloaded just as #2 son pulled into the driveway.  He was meeting the friend he used to work for that we bought the new wood stove from.  They were discussing the chimney options for putting in the new stainless steel liner. #2 son wants to get it done this weekend while he is still off work.
They determined it should be "a piece of cake"  which makes me very nervous !!!!!
G-son brought his fund raising brochure up here from school and we all made purchases so he was happy.
Rebekah and Evy also walked over to pick up her baking supplies.
I baked 3 caramel and 1 coconut cake tonight for an early morning order for one of my regular customers.
Daughter's volleyball game was in Franklin, NC this evening.
Some very disturbing news fills the papers and airways these days.

A deadly disease that has killed over 3,000 people in Africa has made it's first appearance in America. A man who came from Africa to visit family in Texas has been diagnosed with the Ebola Disease.  His entire family along with 100 other folks who he came in contact with have been quarantined for 21 days.  The sad fact in this is that the first time the man went to the emergency room sick he was sent home even after he told the doctors there that he had came from Africa.
So that put many more folks in contact with the disease. Prayfully it will be contained in this family and they will all survive.
The survival rate varies from place to place in Africa.

Asking for God devine intervention into this disease and praying that it is His will for this country to be spared from this tragic epidemic.  Thanking God for all my blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi, Glad you had a good day at the market... I would buy one of your cakes if I lived there.... I'm sure they are all GOOD....

The front should be here by early morning --and right now, they are saying we may get some severe weather with this front... I'm just hoping for some rain. We are extremely DRY up here. IN fact, they say that September has been the driest on record in our area. BUT--we have been dry since about June... Crazy year. SO--we need rain (not necessarily bad weather --but RAIN)... Then, like you all, we will turn COLDER --after being VERY warm this week....

The Ebola Epidemic IS scary.. Are we (even here in the USA) prepared?????

Have a great weekend.

linda m said...

So glad you had a good day at Market. we are expecting a weekend very much like yours. Today we are getting much needed rain then the temps drop. The Ebola virus has everyone running scared. I am praying for all those people who might have had contact with him. Have a great weekend.