Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Woke to my cell phone sounding a tornado watch warning, a flood watch and a high wind warning all at the same time for the day. As I dragged myself out of the nice warm bed I knew this was going to be an interesting day.
I turned the TV on to see if I might get a break in the pouring rain to do the morning chores. No such luck !!
After getting dried off after morning feeding chores I had my breakfast. 
After my morning devotions I started a day of inside housework that has been put off for a couple weeks.
I watched the rain come down and the creek in the bottom pasture rise all day. Normally the water isn't visible and already before lunch time it looks like this.
As the day progressed all the watches and warnings were extended. 3:53 pm map.
 7:33 pm map.
I spent the day cleaning and then relaxed to watch the news. As I mopped the floors this afternoon I wondered why,  but did it anyway, leaving the mop beside the door !!!
After sloshing through evening chores I checked the rain gauge and saw 2 1/2 " in there at 6:00pm.
After supper the rains got really hard and thunder and lightening along with high winds made it an interesting early evening for sure with the worst of the stormy front waiting until after darkness fell to unleash its fury.
The creek that has licked the bank tops all day finally jumped out filling the bottoms with flood waters after dark, as we used flashlights to watch the rising flood waters with the cattle in the bottom pastures. I wonder what the new flood preventative measures that were taken with the new bridge will look like in the morning?
Thankfully the rain stopped after dropping another almost 2 inches by about 10pm. 
The wind has died down and hopefully it will be a quiet night.
In the decade pictures this is one dated October 1954, it is my first cousins Sam,on left, and Don Cox who belonged to my mother's sister Gertie Mae Cox and her husband Herman.
This is these two guys now as they sang and played at the spring old timey day at market this past June. Sam is on the left in the brown hat with the pins and Don is on the right in the cap.

Spent a lot of time with these guys when I was growing up.
Praying tonight for the wreck victims I talked about last night as I found out this morning the elderly man was the father of a friend and fellow church member of mine.  Praying for both these families in this very tragic situation. 
May God comfort and somehow ease their pain during this time.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Glad you made it through the storm. Should be interesting to see how the new roadway works out. Praying for the families and victims of the crash. Blessings

linda m said...
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linda m said...
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Betsy Adams said...

We had the same thing here --but earlier. By noon, it had passed --and actually we saw some sunshine late in the afternoon. BUT--today is cloudy and they say MORE rain.

We had flooding in our back yard area --since the ditches were all full. In our rain gauge, we counted almost 8 inches in 9 days.... YIPES... (But we needed it desperately.)

Hope today is a better day for you all.

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Glad to hear you made it through the storm okay. We had this storm first and it was a mean one rolling through. We only got about 3 inches of rain but all kinds of wind, thunder, and lightning.

Sending prayers for your fellow church member.