Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Well , as I got out of bed this morning I was wondering what I would find as I got ready to head outside to the regular morning chores.
The flood waters had receded in the bottom pastures and all the cows were grazing peacefully and all the Mallard ducks in the community had gathered on the expanded farm pond for a morning of swimming.

There are limbs all over the yard and the driveway has lots of huge gulleys washed out  more water came down that the ditches could handle.  The mesh net covering on my Silkie lot was knocked down by several limbs that fell on it so before I turned them out I fixed it all back up. The corners were torn off but I could stretch it enough to get it fastened back up.
Their lots are all covered now with fallen leaves so it is hard to find a place to toss their cracked corn that it won't get lost under the leaves.
The air has a nice fall chill to it this morning under a still cloudy sky.
I emptied 4 inches of rain from the gauge from all the rain yesterday and last night.
It was too muddy to walk today so after breakfast I made a trip to Ingles to pick up some chocolate for a special order cake for tomorrow.
I baked 12 caramel,3 chocolate, 7 pound cakes and a blackberry wine cake then had a late lunch.
I went outside to pick up some of the debri blown around and empty water from the things under the outside covered patio as rain blew all the way through it.
After chores I figured weekly paperwork and payed bills.  It is amazing how much it is taking just hubbie and I to live now a days, I feel sorry for the young families that are struggling out there as prices just keep rising.
After icing all the cakes and getting things ready for market it was after midnight before I got into bed.
In October 1984 things were hectically busy as well with a birthday, halloween and 2 little boys to have fun with. Both boys were in a day care called Home Grown Children, which a friend of mine ran, that year and had pictures made and also were in advertisements in the news paper. This is #1 son who turned 3 years old that month.

This is #2 son who was 19 months old that month and a member of the Polywogs class !! And did not like having his picture taken !!

On the 16th of October that year #1 son turned 3 years old and had a party with his cousins.

At the end of the month it was a fun Halloween time for these two as they went as "hobos" this year.
Hubbie got soot from the wood stove and dirtied their faces.

They looked so cute in their hobo outfits.

Fun times with these guys and after looking at these pics I cannot believe how old they are now !!
Another event in that month was the 60th year of business celebration of the Curb Market.
My mom was going three days a week back then with all her craft items.

Wonderful memories and a very thankful heart just reflecting on all the fun times in my very blessed life with my family.
Humbly thankful to a loving Heavenly Father tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

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