Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I had the chores done and was just finishing breakfast when Re brought little EL to stay while she went home to sleep, Re looked very tired this morning.
After EL had breakfast and played for a little while inside she wanted to head outside in the beautiful warm sunshine.
We walked and then played on every slide in the yard and also she road in the wagon around the driveway,rode her little car that she learned would roll down the hill by itself if she heal her feet up.

She  is always infatuated with the Beauty Berries.
 A nice addition to my pumpkin display, don't you think ??

It was time for lunch before we knew it so we went inside to her dismay.
After lunch she was ready for a long nap. While she napped I caught up on some reading and did some paperwork to keep things really quiet in the house for her.
When she woke up she had a snack and then wanted to go back outside to wait for her mom to come pick her up.
She got in my old car on the front porch.
The wind started blowing pretty hard this afternoon and the leaves came down in droves. Annie almost blends in perfectly with the brown leaves.
After EL and her mom left and hubbie came in from work we tackled some of these leaves that have suddenly piled up in the ditches and covered the ground around the house.
I got the ditches along the driveway cleaned out while hubbie got the leaves raked off the lawn above the house. With the coming cold weather predicted for the end of the week he always wants to have this area cleared of leaves because it is below the chimney when he starts building wood stove fires.
He also blew all the leaves off the roof of the house so they wouldn't clog the gutters in tomorrow's predicted rainfall.
While he did this I got the Silkie house cleaned out as well as the pullet's house. I didn't have enough shavings to go in the big hen house but it was just as well because I ran out of energy before I could get that one cleaned out anyway.  I will be putting their window coverings on before the week end. 
We came inside when darkness fell and had a light supper before relaxing for the rest of the evening.
Talked to daughter tonight as she enjoyed her only afternoon off between volleyball and basketball as basketball practice starts tomorrow.
Grateful to God for the blessings of this day and praising Him for all His goodness each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Evy sure has fun at you house. Can I come over and play too? haha Raked more leaves yesterday as with the winds we are having they were falling like crazy. Friday is leaf pick up day for the city so getting them out to the curb was a necessity. Blessings