Tuesday, October 21, 2014


After a regular morning I took a nice long walk in the cool mid 50's sunny weather.  Although the main leaf color around here is still green my yard has many colorful sights to behold in our extended early fall temperatures without a killing frost yet.
 Purple petunias still blooming....
Beauty Berries show off their purple glow...
 Chinese lanterns look pretty in seasonal orange...
These Drift Roses I got off the clearance rack at Walmart have bloomed with gratitude since I planted them in this old metal tub.

The Marigolds add color to this fall arrangement.

Another clearance item getting ready to put on another bloom if Jack Frost holds off a little longer.
The Mallard ducks were swimming through the sunshine on the pond this morning.

This female Gold Finch was busily eating something from the leaves of this Mimosa tree.

Mr. Bluebird watched from the pasture gate as I walked by .
Evidence that the squirrels are taking seriously the predictions of a bad, cold, snowy winter is these holes in the driveway under the Black Walnut tree as the squirrels are digging the fallen walnuts that are buried in the gravel out to store for winter.
I don't ever remember seeing this before.   It surprises me with all the acorns that have fallen. Maybe they like walnuts better than acorns ???
Today was spent doing housework . I thought I would get to move some sewing machines around but by the time I vacuumed and mopped the floors I was to tired to take on anything else today.
I did pull some weeds for the chickens and get all the chores done before collapsing on the couch for a rest with my 4-legged kids to watch the evening news and weather.
Looks like it will be another upper 30's night to keep Jack Frost at bay a little longer. It is  51 degrees at 10:30 so they probably will be right.
Daughter called tonight and said her volleyball team won their second round play-off game tonight near Charlotte,NC.  Congrats to all the girls and the coaches as they beat an undefeated team tonight.
Celebrating sweet victory !!

Thankful for the wonderful creations God created just for our enjoyment.
Good Night and God Bless


linda m said...

Such beautiful photos from around your yard. I have noticed that the squirrels around here seem to prefer to bury black walnuts over acorns also. Guess because they are larger the critters feel they'll get more to eat. Blessings

Sandy said...

I love these beautiful pictures of God's piece of heaven.