Friday, October 31, 2014


Well this Halloween morning 2014 is a nice one but it is almost like all nature is quietly hunkering down for the impending bad weather that is coming tonight.
As I walked this morning it seemed "not a creature was moving" even the birds were quiet.

 Our Muscadine Grapes will need to be picked before the freezing temperatures overnight ruin them.

Back inside I started baking cakes, 12 caramel, 5 chocolate, 1 coconut and 2 pound cakes wondering as I worked it the weather forecasters could possibly be right and would market even be open tomorrow ??
After lunch I did some house cleaning then got out my Halloween decorations for the outside in case we had a few trick or treaters tonight.
I took these pics just as darkness fell.

About mid afternoon the clouds moved in and the light rain started falling.

It made it seem much colder than it really was.
I hate to say good bye to these beautiful Petunias that have bloomed so well all summer and fall.

After chores hubbie and I settled in for a nice night with our new wood stove keeping the house really toasty warm.
We had 3 trick or treaters tonight and one was of course g-son dressed in his Incredible Hulk costume.

It has a very scary mask but I'll have to get a picture tomorrow night at our church Halloween carnival as I forgot to take a picture tonight. This pic is from d-in-love when they took him out to the high school to a trunk or treat out there before the football game tonight.He was getting ready to compete in a wrapping game with his friend Avari.
The weather forecast has actually gotten worse for our area with more snow now predicted for overnight.  We are in the 2-3 inch range now.
I iced cakes tonight and got things ready for market.
I usually do a detailed recap of the month that is ending, but tonight I will say that October 2014 has been a very busy month for all of us around here. The weather has been warm and pretty allowing plenty of outside work and play time. Market for me has been very busy and daughter and Re have been swamped with baking orders from the orchard stand they are in business with. The leaves haven't been as colorful as some years but the milder weather has been very welcoming.   We celebrated g-son (8) and #1 son's (33) birthdays this month as well as the closing of Aa and Re 's farm land deal.  The month is ending with some of the coolest weather of the year expected and if it doesn't get below freezing before midnight this October will end without a killing frost for the first time in several years. Looking forward to what God has in the plans for me and my family for November.
Thankful to God for the everlasting love He shows me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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