Saturday, November 1, 2014


SURPRISE,  SURPRISE !!!!!      Look what I woke up to this morning.
 We have about 2 1/2 to 3 inches of snow but thankfully the roads are clear which makes it an even more perfect kind of snow.Some areas of our county have 6 inches of snow this morning.

It was a pretty snow ,heavy and wet that stuck to everything making it a winter wonderland.

  The wind was gusting so high that it had blown alot of the snow around so it was hard to get an exact measurement. All my Halloween decorations had frosty hats this morning.
The lovely Petunia blooms were covered in the cold snow this morning as well as all the decorations on the porch where the winds had blown the snow all the way across the porch.
Hubbie and I did chores and headed out to market. The drive out was a pretty one as the snow is still coming down as I turned onto the street that market is on.
The signs at market were plastered with the sticky snow as well as some stop signs I passed.

Not a typical fall day around here, that's for sure.
Market was surprisingly busy for the cold windy day it was.  I am thankful for all the things I sold.
I had to laugh as I looked around at all the coats and hats and then looked at what I have on this morning and thought, judging by the way we are dressed it looked more like a January market day than the first day of November.

After lunch the market felt like a ghost town so the few sellers that were there decided to head on out about 30 minutes early . This was okay with me as I had to make a couple stops before getting home to get ready for the carnival at church tonight.
Hubbie helped me unload and we did the feeding chores early , then got things loaded in the van for the trunk or treat carnival.  We are all going to set up inside and see how many kids come out in the cold wind and still blowing snow night.
Daughter came by before we left and made a pic of hubbie and I in our bee costumes.
Our theme for this year is the "Bee Attitudes"  .  I made our costumes last week and we have a large hive that was going to go in the back of the van but now will set up inside. We also will be giving out little cards with the eight "bee attitudes" on them.

It looked pretty good set up inside and we had a great turn out even with the bad weather.
Re and d-in-love set up their farm theme beside us. There's was the most popular with the kids as they loved to play with all their decorations !!
Little EL was a chicken and here she is sitting on her nice cozy nest of old quilts.
And here is the Incredible Hulk in all his glory tonight as g-son gets into the posing for the picture.
Hulk is hungry for pizza.
Hulk and the chicken.  (she's upset because he wouldn't take her outside)

There were lots of really great costumes worn by the adults and kids alike tonight.

I love the picture below !!
I can just hear her saying "don't you know anything daddy ? !"   haha.
A fun time was had by all tonight inside out of the cold winds.
The crowds were really surprising to me and the fellowship hall stayed packed for the full 2 hours of the carnival.

We have a puppet ministry at out church and the kids loved their performances tonight.
Especially little EL as daughter held her she was transfixed on the critters up there singing.

Well as you can see November has come in like a snowy lion but this first day has been a special day in more ways than one.
 Praying that the blessings of this evening continue throughout the remainder of the month.
With Thanksgiving coming at the end of this month I am more aware of the things I am thankful for each day.
Today I am most thankful for the loving caring family and friends that God chose to surround me with.

And yes it is that time of year again, at least we get an extra hour of sleep but either way these time changes seem to mess with my sleeping schedule, uhhhh !!!

Good night and God Bless.


Gail said...

It's entirely tooooo early for snow!

Love all the costumes.

Betsy Adams said...

Marilyn, you have a spam... Delete it....

Love your post. I wondered if you got any snow. We got some --and like yours, it was SO pretty (my favorite kind of snow)...I'll blog about it tomorrow...

The Smokies (higher elevations) got as much as 22 inches... Such a huge surprise this early in the season.

Love your BEE costumes and it looks like everyone had a great time on Halloween. Lots of great costumes...