Wednesday, November 5, 2014


A cloudy start to this Wednesday.  After chores and breakfast I took my morning walk.  Over in Aa and Re 's pasture across the road I noticed one of their cows all alone and acting a little strange so I put the dogs up and walked over there to check on her.
This is why she was acting strange she had had a calf and was watching it closely.
Cows are very protective mamas.
I came back to the house and started baking my cakes.  I baked 12 caramel,1 chocolate and 2 pound cakes.  Tomorrow will be a very slow day I think with the rain predictions in the forecast and the slow season being here.
I finished cake baking and lunch before Re and little EL came over to walk with me down to take a look at their new calf.
We couldn't get very close as mama saw us coming and moved her baby up close to the rest of the herd.
I came back home and went to my friend/beauticians shop to get my hair cut.  I love the way she fixed it this time.
I decided to try my new "Power Cooker" out for supper tonight with a fresh whole chicken I bought Saturday in it.
I couldn't figure out how to extend the time so I had to re-pressurize it again to add more time which took longer than it should have but the chicken tasted very good.  I see a lot of use for this pot in the future.

After we ate hubbie was on the roof again blowing leaves from the gutters and out of the yard away from the house as the temps are going to warrant a fire again starting tomorrow night.
This evening feels more like early fall with temps still in the upper 50's as darkness falls.
G-son's children in action church group went Operation Christmas Child shoebox shopping tonight. This is g-son on the right with three of his friends.

I did weekly paperwork and payed bills for the week. Got a shock when I opened my health insurance notice.  My insurance is going up over $90 a month starting January.  I can't afford that so I am going to call to see how I can lower the rate or do something else. I have hesitated to get on Obamacare but now I may be forced into it to be able to afford health insurance. I am a very healthy, non smoking, non drinking person so I don't see where that much of an increase is fair.
I iced cakes and got into bed by 11:30 ,whew !!
Thankful today for these beautiful mountains I live in filled with the glorious creations God made.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Yipes.... I think it's Obamacare which has caused all of these changes in ALL insurance plans. The Govt. is putting so many new regulations on them ---getting people to switch to Obamacare. BUT--I have heard sob stories about Obamacare too. Hope you find something... It's crazy what has happened to our country in the past six years...Sad!

Love your header... (Always love them --but don't always remember to mention them.)