Sunday, November 30, 2014


This last day of an unusually cold November began with bright sunshine and warming temps after a mid 20's night.
Very early this morning actually last night , but it was after midnight so it was today, I let the dogs out to pee one last time before we crawled into bed and as I looked up at the moon I was amazed and had to go back inside for a coat and my  big camera.  I have never seen the moon in this position before.
This picture isn't turned sideways, this was the actual position of the moon, only the bottom half was illuminated.  I'm sure this has a meaning in folklore but I was unable to find anything.
Back to this morning after the moon was gone and the sun was shining, I did chores and had breakfast then got ready for church.
The sermon was continuing in Esther and it was a nice service.
Afterward we had a huge turkey pot pie for lunch, using all the turkey and mashed potato left overs. It was delicious and enjoyed by #1 son,d-in-love, g-son, #2 son and daughter. I made a 11"X 15" pan of the pie and only a small corner was left !!  D-in-love also brought up a corn casserole she made last night and a pumpkin pie that was very good.
After lunch all the kids went their separate ways and hubbie and I made a trip to Aldi to pick up all the extra baking supplies for the large cake order for this coming Saturday.
When we got home and got unloaded we had about 20 minutes to rest before time for chores.
We got everything done a little early this evening so we could make it back to church tonight for the "Hanging of the Greens" service.
This is a favorite service of mine each year as the congregation decorates the church and sings all the old familiar Christmas songs.
This is the children putting the manger together, g-son is the one in the red plaid shirt putting a figure on the table.
The children then sang Away in a Manger for us.
 G-son loves to sing !!

The ornaments for the trees were all placed on the pews and the entire congregation lined up and placed them on the trees as we sang songs.
Then the lights were turned on as Cassie sang.
These three generations share a laugh.
Everyone enjoyed the service then headed downstairs  to fellowship and  snacks.
We also lit the  first Advent candle tonight, the candle of "Hope"  to start the Christmas season celebration.
Sitting there tonight watching the program I thought how strange it felt to already be in this season. Today is the last day of November and Christmas is a little over 3 weeks away, oh my !!
This November has been a wintry month with cold temps and a couple snowy days, which is strange for our area. Our family has had a pretty routine month of work and play.
#1 son has been working 6 days a week, 5 for his regular job at DOT and on Saturdays for a friend who has a grading business. He took the week of Thanksgiving off to deer hunt but didn't see anything to shoot at.
D-in-love has fit well into her new job at the elementary school where g-son goes and she has also starting her photo business up again and has been busy making Christmas card pics for folks.
G-son likes school and says he has the best teacher in the entire school this year.
#2 son has also been working 6 days a week at the post office delivering all the early packages and worked 1/2 day today picking up packages.
Daughter helped coach the varsity volleyball team to the third round of the state play-offs  before they lost, then had one free afternoon before basketball practice began. She is the head JV coach and the assistant varsity coach. With practice everyday she has little time for anything else but has been dating a new beau who seems very nice.  She also finally bought herself her first new car during her Thanksgiving break, an Acura ILX which she really is enjoying.
Aa and Re had a good month of farming as 5 out of  6 cows gave birth to calves without any trouble this month. Little EL is growing up way too fast and is talking a mile a minute. Re is now less than 6 weeks away from delivering her little boy and EL's baby brother.  They are still trying to get financing on a new home on the land they closed on last month.
Hubbie has fought falling leaves all month and swears there is more leaves this year than ever before.
I have had a fairly busy market month which I am thankful for and also have had precious time to spend with g-son and little EL while their mom's worked.
I am very thankful for a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family and also the extended family get-together we had earlier in the month.
This has been a very thankful month for me as I have focused more on the things I usually take for granted and trying to be much more thankful in recognizing my Heavenly Father and His love for me and my family as this month comes to an end and we get ready to celebrate the birth of our precious Savior.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

What a wonderful tradition you have at your church. Nothing better than everyone decorating for Christmas and singing carols. i am looking forward to celebrating Christ's birthday. Your new blog header is awesome. Blessings