Monday, December 1, 2014


This first day of December 2014 feels like a spring day with bright sunshine and temps quickly warming to a high of 70 degrees this afternoon !!!
It was nice to be in shirt sleeves without heavy jackets for our outside work today but we did work up a sweat.
After chores I got laundry started then spent the morning baking 18 caramel cakes for Saturday's order.
I ate a late lunch then got my outside Christmas decorations out of the shed and put them all out except the lights on the trees and a few things for the front porch which I will choose as I go through the rest of the decorations.  It felt strange to be putting up Christmas decorations with the temperature so warm today.
This entire first week of December looks like spring !!
After an unusually cold November this seems strange but I'm sure I can get used to this.
I mixed 4 loads of laundry into my busy day and then delivered a coconut cake at 5:00 to bring to an end my decorating for the day.
The cold front coming into the area overnight made for a colorful sunset this evening.

After chores I took a rest on the couch with a heating pad on my back to watch the news. I fought sleep the entire time but wanted to make sure I didn't nod off and not get my icing done this evening.
I got up after the news and Iced 24 caramel cakes this evening.
As I iced I listened to the CMA County Christmas music show which was very good.
Daughter came by for the rest of our pot pie left-overs tonight.
Hopefully the Christmas spirit will hit me when I get this large cake order done and can get more into my decorating and enjoy the season as it is my favorite time of year.
Thankful for the strength God gives me each day and for the birth of His son sent to save a dark world from our sins.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Sure wish we had some of your warm weather. It was very cold and chilly here. Today is supposed to warm up into the low 30's. Our tree and decorations are up and it is starting to look like christmas here. Looking forward to celebrating Jesus' birthday. Blessings