Saturday, December 27, 2014


Off to market on another warm morning today and market was as I had expected veeeerrryyy slow.
I did have a three cake order and a 2 cake order picked up so I had a decent day but I dread the days to come that I don't have any orders.
I didn't have anyone to talk to even with none of the neighbors there today. A couple of the new people that came in this year cleaned their tables off this morning and gave up their spaces. This happens every year at this time and panic sets in about what if we can't fill those spaces with renters that give the market it's income necessary to pay its bills.  Somehow it always works out but each year I think it gets worse and this year is especially concerning because the large antique business next door has closed and put their place up for sale. I have heard a couple rumors about who is trying to buy the almost entire city block that the old building is on. The business was called "The Next to New Shop" and had booths rented out to different vendors as well as sold things from an estate liquidation service they ran. It was a neat place to shop in as I have purchased several things in there.

I came straight home from market without making any stops as I will have to go back to town this week anyway and will need to wait to see what kind of orders I might get for next Saurday.
I love to find shapes in the clouds and this cloud reminds me of a barking dog. Do you see it ?
After hubbie helped me unload the van we took a rest and watched the UNC/ UAB basketball game which UNC won handily.
After chores and supper we watched the news of the 6th named winter storm, Frona, already headed across the country dropping more snow in the same places that Eris did a few days ago.
Eris.....Frona ......  who the heck comes up with these names ???
D-in-love sent me this collage of g-son and Santa pics.  I love them all and can't believe how he has grown.
It is fun to see the years when he would not sit on the jolly man's lap but rather stood beside him, haha!!
This was a really nice relaxing Saturday night with country music shows on TV and catching up on my blogging.
Grateful for the love of our precious Savior and looking forward to worshiping Him with my brothers and sisters in Christ tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Happy new year!!!