Friday, December 5, 2014


Uhhh , a cloudy cool morning. Not raining but things are wet like it has been a very heavy dew.
After chores and breakfast I went outside to check on all the livestock as I do each morning on my walk. Today I didn't take much of a walk but did walk one round around the farm before the misting rain got heavier and ran me back inside.
This is winter around the farm pond , which still needs cleaning out badly.
These are my two faithful companions each morning who make every step I do.
 All the animals were intently going about their business on this nasty dull morning.

As I came back through the back yard to the house a flurry of birds were enjoying the offerings I had put out for them.
I counted numerous types of feathered friends.

Back inside I started my baking for the day. I baked 12 caramel , 1 chocolate and 2 pound cakes before taking a lunch break.
After lunch it was more decorating time. I still don't have anything completely finished so pics will come later.
G-son's elementary school is having a book fair this afternoon after school and d-in-love is volunteering to work the cash register so I went over to buy g-son some things from the fair and bring him home so he doesn't have to stay there until 7:00 when his mom gets finished working.
he picked out several books and was intently reading on the way home.
That makes my very sick so I'm glad reading in a moving car doesn't bother him.
He named this book anything he wanted and then drew pictures in it.

He is getting so big !!
HE went outside and played with Flash, his buddie, while I did the chores. Hubbie was late getting home from work today as he brought a load of firewood home with him today from some downed trees.
After #1 son picked g-son up I iced my cakes and got things ready for market.
The high today was 49 degrees under the cloudy skies making it a pretty raw day to be outside.
Talked to Re tonight as I missed her today when I was gone as she and little EL made their rounds to check the animals.
Talked to daughter after her basketball games, her JV team lost by 4 points and the varsity won by 40 at Hendersonville high school tonight.
Thankful tonight for the many blessings of this day .
Good Night and God Bless.

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