Wednesday, December 10, 2014


A cold morning,25 degrees at 8am and I did the chores in a blowing snow. Visibility was low down on the road because of all the little fine flakes of snow blowing around.
After I had breakfast I just couldn't make myself go out again into the windy morning to take a walk so I went straight to work.
I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate and 2 pound cakes for market tomorrow.
I have quite a few orders for Saturday but only one for tomorrow.
After lunch I finished up the decorations inside anyway.  As I loaded the empty containers into the van to take them back to the shed I noticed my front porch looked really bare this year so there maybe a little more decorating going on yet.
I got ready and went to the high school to watch daughter's JV team play Polk county high school.  They didn't play very well at all tonight and got beat by about 15 points.
Here is daughter trying to encourage the players in  of her multiple time outs !!

 She never sits down when the game is going on, she is continually giving instructions to her team.

I only stayed for her game ,then I got her baked goods out of her car and came home to do the evening chores. Wednesday nights are not good for me to stay for any of the other games. 
After we ate supper hubbie went to his recliner and I went to my office to do weekly paperwork and pay bills.  I also got the November month ending figures done and found that my expenses are still rising.  I am hoping December figures will even November out as all the expenses for the big lawyer cake order went into November and the check will hopefully be here in December.
It has been a cold day all day today with the temp only reaching 39 degrees.
The sun finally broke through the clouds this afternoon but the wind picked up to offset any warming.
Our chill factor over night is going into the single digits with lows in the low 20's.
I finished out the evening in the kitchen icing caramel and chocolate cakes and getting everything packed up for market.
Hubbie reminded me once as I passed throught the living room I had forgotten to turn the outside lights on.  Oh well, its too late and too cold to go out there now I laughed.   Yeah,  I'm still waiting on that Christmas spirit !!!
I saw on a friends blog the other day where she has said this and I can definitely relate.
She said " Stress, Irritation, depression,  that overwhelming feeling of being overwhelmed ,     Yep ,  it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas !"
I think it is worse this year than normal but then I read back in my blog books and see that I am frazzled every year around this time but things always seem to work out and all things get done with me winding up enjoying all the hustle and bustle that goes into the season. I'm sure this year will be the same, I just need to get past some of the aggravating things that keep popping up to make me stumble down this road to happiness and enjoyment !!
After getting a nice relaxing hot bath I got into bed a little after midnight.
I am very grateful for this season and especially for the Reason for it even if I don't talk like it sometime.  I have a loving forgiving, wonderful Savior who is there picking me up every time I stumble and I am very thankful for His love.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Seems this time of year frazzles a lot of people, myself included. I think if we try to focus more on the reason for Christmas instead of all the "trimmings" that make Christmas, the stress would diminish. May God Bless us during this Season. Have a great weekend. Blessings