Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Well my morning didn't turn out like I planned but that isn't an unusual thing for me.
I had plans to take all my rugs and big bedspreads to the local laundry this morning so I got up, got all the chores done, made a smoothie for me to drink on the way . All this preparation before I realized I had forgotten to load the van last night.   Sooooo, by the time I got the van loaded and got to the laundry the large machines I use were all occupied and another lady was waiting for them.  It was about 9:30 when I got there and I usually get there around 8 just as she opens the doors so note to self I need to either get there earlier or wait later than mid morning.
In the mean time Re called and got a chance to move her dentist appointment up to today so I went along to hold little EL so she could watch  the dentist looking at mommy's teeth so maybe she wouldn't be scared when it comes her turn to go for a check-up.
There was a large fish aquarium in the waiting room so EL was excited and happy to watch the fishes while we waited.
She got a little upset when the dentist laid mommy back in the chair and got between her and mommy so she couldn't see what was going on.
We made it back home in time for lunch.
After lunch I decided to try the laundry again since I had everything now loaded in the van. I was lucky when I got there a man was just finishing with the large machines and I got all my things washed and dried and was back home In less than and hour and a half.
I hung all the rubber backed rugs in the room with the wood stove downstairs. It will dry them quickly and put moisture in the air.
I did some more decorating and then checked on some insurance quotes. So far it looks like I am stuck ,either pay up or opt out.  I just don't know if I dare go without health insurance at my age.
It has been a cold cloudy day with a high of 39  this afternoon after an upper 20's morning.
Damon is leaving his mark all up the east coast with lots of rain, snow and wind for another day.
After chores and crackers and cheese for a light supper I did a little more decorating before taking a rest break tonight.
Some of my trees.

This is my two main manger scenes that I love .
#1 son got called into work tonight when the wind blew a huge tree across one of the roads in the county and d-in-love had music practice at church so this guy came to stay with us for awhile.
He had to make sure the main tree in the living room had all the ornaments in their proper places.
He only relocated a couple !!!
I've decided tomorrow is d-day, that is "done-day"  for decorating. What isn't out won't get out this year as I'm still waiting for that usual spirit to hit me. Maybe if I take some relaxing time I will get the spirit.
Talked to sis-in-law Sandy tonight and we tentavely set a date for our family Christmas.  It is getting harder and harder to get all our kids together.
Daughter took her teams over to West Henderson to play basketball tonight and they both won.
This is her watching from the bench in these newspaper photos.

I listened to the game on the radio and it sounded like the girls played hard.
After son picked up g-son, hubbie and I watched the "moonshiners" Christmas show on TV before he went to bed and I blogged.
Thankful for the Savior sent to save a sinful world.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I know what you are saying about the health insurance. Hubby and I are both relatively healthy so we chose a super high deductible plan and I put the difference in the bank. That way if we need to see the doctor we can pay in cash. I think I would just opt out if I couldn't afford any of the plans and take my chances. But that is just my thoughts. Health care costs are just too expensive and we don't qualify for any help. Blessings