Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Another beautiful December morning.  After chores and breakfast I took a walk in the 51 degree sunshine. Ahhhh !!!  can this really be December ??
Back inside I baked a couple pound cakes and a wine cake for market tomorrow.
After lunch I got the Christmas decorating started. I emptied 5 of the plastic containers from the shed and got most of it in place. I changed all the rugs, furniture covers and pillows and even put a Christmas bed spread on our bed.
Hubbie came in from work and came out of the bedroom whistling "Christmas times a comin"  .
After chores I tackled the weekly paperwork and bill paying.  
I wrapped the cakes and finished icing the last of the caramel cakes for the large order as well as a couple chocolate cakes for market.
I expect a very slow day at market as the week after everyone has stuffed on Thanksgiving is always a slow one.
As we moved things around in the living room I have come to the definite conclusion that we need a slimmer tree.  I am going to look tomorrow at Lowes and if I can't find one I will probably take a chance on a real tree and hope we don't get cold enough to have to build a fire in the upstairs wood stove.  That is the main reason I started using a artificial tree , the heat from the wood stove dried the trees out in no time no matter how much water we kept around the base. The last time I had to buy a new tree and re-decorate it so we would have a tree with some needles on it on Christmas morning was the last real tree we had.
Daughter's teams played a rare Wednesday night game tonight as they traveled to Enka high school in Buncombe county.  Both her teams lost their games tonight, her JV team lost by 4 points after beating this same team at home a couple weeks ago by 20 points, how does that happen ???
This is a pic of this years varsity team, daughter is the second coach from the right.
Here she watches in the background as one of her players drives to the basket.

Thankful for a wonderful day and for all the Lord's blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless

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