Sunday, December 28, 2014


None of the promised rain yet this morning as I head out to do the chores.
As I got ready for church on this last Sunday of 2014, I thought how this year seems to have slipped through my fingers just as all the years lately have done the same. 
I was a greeter at church this morning so I headed out a little earlier. As I started out a light misty rain started falling, enough to make me change to a hooded coat just in case it gets heavier by the time church is over.
The service was good today, from Luke and the story of the birth of Jesus.  We had an entire family join our church this morning, mom, dad and 2 teenagers, may the glory be to God.
Everyone made it to a lunch of beef stew and corn bread on this warm cloudy spring like Sunday. It seemed strange to have the doors open in the house on the last days of the year.
We had a nice visit while these two best buddies watched "Dumbo" on TV.
After everyone left to their own Sunday afternoon activities hubbie and I hauled all the empty plastic containers up out of the shed so I can get the inside decorations down tomorrow. We put them all on the front porch under the roof in case the rain still materializes.
After chores I caught up on my blog book reading. It was fun to read back over the last 5 year's Christmas activities.
I love all the photo Christmas cards I receive each year . I enjoy comparing the kids changes each year. These are the cards I received this year.

 I thought about leaving all the cards and decorations up for awhile just to get to enjoy them a little longer now that things have slowed down but I am in the mood now to get them down and packed away for another year so with the taking down of the cards the clean up begins !!
Another sign of the times as soon as winter begins each year, it seems to trigger Curb Market member losses, not only people leaving because of slow sales, but deaths of some of our older members.
Eunice Lyda has been at market long before I started coming. Her mother was a member long before that. I loved talking to Eunice and if I had questions concerning any plant or vegetable I always went to her for the answers. I remember the last puzzle I took to her and she quickly solved it for me with a chuckle and a warning to get rid of that stuff before it takes over your yard.
It was the dreaded "Air Potato Vine" that I have been trying to eradicate from around my front porch ever since she told me this.
  She said she was surprised to see it growing this far north as it was a problem more in Florida and the southern most states.  When I looked it up online she was exactly correct even with the normal locations of the vine. I  will miss  the opportunity to pick at her wealth of  knowledge of nature.
I also remember  a special relationship with Eunice and Garland as they were fellow poultry farmers with my dad when I was growing up. At their farm today just like at our farm the long narrow chicken houses still stand with different uses now.
R.I.P. Eunice, you will be missed.

Praying tonight that God comfort this family, especially Garland the husband as he did so well in taking care of Eunice as long as possible.  God Bless and Comfort during this time.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

We went from temps in the 40's to temps in the 20's. Sorry to hear about your friend passing away but she is with Jesus now. Love the old photos. Blessings