Tuesday, December 23, 2014


A wet morning with slick mud everywhere as I sloshed through morning chores and got loaded for market. I am very glad this is my last market day before Christmas as I am ready for some rest and relaxation to enjoy the season.
Market was very busy and I was glad daughter was there to help as well as hubbie , who stayed until almost lunch time to help customers carry the large orders to their cars.
Daughter and I had a long busy day and sold almost everything we had. After talking to hubbie who had stopped to finish up some of our shopping at a couple places and he said how crowded everything was even the roads, daughter and I decided to do some last minute shopping in the market.
I bought stocking stuffers and small appreciation gifts for some people from neighboring market vendors.
With my list completed I made a stop at the bank and Aldi for some baking supplies for Friday and for tomorrow night's family dinner then headed home taking all back roads to avoid traffic jams.
After we got the van unloaded it was nice to sit down and relax without anything to do for at least a little while until it was chore time and time to deliver the last cake order of the season.
Back home I shut the hen houses, dumped 1/2 inch of rain from the gauge and came inside out of the now heavy rainfall.
I didn't turn on the Christmas lights in all the rain tonight.
I went through all my gifts tonight making sure I didn't need to make an emergency shopping trip in the morning.  Thankfully it looks like I will get to spend a rainy morning doing whatever I want tomorrow after I get the presents wrapped ,that is !!
G-son had a change of heart about sitting on Santa's lap this year.

Our chances of a white Christmas this year are getting rained out as is many other places,even places that have had snow are watching their white Christmas wash away in all this rain that is predicted for the next 48 hours.
Thankful for the wonderful blessings of this season and especially God's special Gift to all mankind.
Good Night , God Bless and Merry Christmas.

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linda m said...

G-son looks very handsome sitting on Santa's lap. We are supposed to get rain today with a slight possibility of the rain becoming snow. I would like to wish you and your family avery Merry Christmas and may god bless you.