Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Slosh,slip and slide , I am getting multiple leg exercises gliding through all the mud around here. I emptied only 2/10ths inch of rain from the gauge this morning but it is still lightly raining.
After chores and breakfast I headed out to town to run weekly banking and P.O. errands.
As I drove home I found myself all alone on the road so I slowed down to take in some rainy day, winter scenery.
 Lots of mud everywhere !

 I'm glad we still need these "horse rider" signs along our country roads.

Love these Alpacas .


Entering my "gated community"  haha.
 My "gate keepers"  !!!
After lunch I got all the filled decoration containers hauled down to the shed and put away for another year.
I then started putting my regular things back on the shelves after washing them and getting all the ornaments off the tree so we could decide if it was going to fit in any of our containers.
The one new ornament for this year was this one from Ocean Isle where we spent our beach vacation this year.

I worked on this project all afternoon except for a walking video break.
Little EL came to stay while her mom went to her doctor again today.  Baby is in position, so we are just waiting for him to choose the time for his entry.
Daughter's team won their tournament finals tonight, playing a much better game than they did last night.
Hubbie and I took the Christmas tree apart and tried to get it in the biggest container we have but it was too big so we put it back together and covered it with a sheet downstairs.
I am afraid to set it out in the shed as the mice might get in there and chew the wires of the lights up.
While I was downstairs I watered all the plants wintering in there. This Escargo Begonia sat on my front porch all summer with its beautiful leaves and now inside the basement it is blooming beautifully.
It has really gotten cold this evening with a temperature at chore time of 39 with still misty rain falling.
The fire feels good tonight for sure and after working to get all the regular shelf sitters back in place I watched the UNC / William&Mary basketball game which UNC won pretty handily.
I saw this interesting map on the weather channel website . This is the "greenest" place on earth.
It is because of all the corn crops grown in the hot pink areas that release a fluorescent glow that can be seen by space satelites.
One more day in 2014 , wow ,  I for one am looking forward to see what plans God has for me in 2015.
So very very grateful for the blessings of this entire year.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Love all the pictures you took on your drive. I took down all the decorations and once again the basement is filled. It has gotten very cold around here. 0 degrees this morning - today will be partly cloudy, windy and very cold. Have a happy and safe New Years Eve. Blessings