Thursday, December 25, 2014


A very nice Christmas morning greeted us today as the sun streamed in the bedroom windows. It was windy so the 40's temperatures were misleading as we headed outside for the morning chores.
It didn't take long to discover what all the noise we heard when we woke up was, as  thousands of Starlings blacked the treetops and the sky intermittently as they zipped from tree to tree as a group, squawking all the time.

As quickly as they came by the time we were finished outside they were already headed over my brother's house out of sight and hearing !

D-in-love sent me these pics of g-son's surprise of what Santa left for him.

Looks like he had a great Christmas morning.
Hubbie and I relaxed this morning and did absolutely nothing for a while.
#2 son came over while g-son , his dad and Pawpaw was doing some target practice with his new BB gun that uncle D bought him.

#2 son ate lunch with us and visited awhile before going home to rest for the afternoon before going back to work tomorrow.
Daughter called after she had a Christmas breakfast with her boyfriend, Josh's family this morning, then they went to a movie.
#1 son's family went down to d-in-love's brother's house at 4:00 this afternoon to celebrate with them.
Aa's family went to his family's for Christmas today also.
It was nice for me to just have an "unwind" day and do nothing but rest.
I picked up all the left over empty boxes and bags and got the house back in order this afternoon.
After chores we had a light supper then rested some more on the couch and the recliner while we watched the news.
The fifth winter storm has been named, Eris, and has dropped more than a foot of new Christmas day snow on much of the mid western states. It will slowly make it's way across the country and give us more rain next week followed by colder temperatures to begin the new year.
Got another late gift from g-son tonight as he brought me a little bird house with what he calls me written on it.
Daughter sent me this pic of grand dog Tipper getting into her Christmas stocking.

Christmas has come and gone for another year. For me it is a very busy time but I enjoy it very much. I always get aggravated and say that I'm going to change things for next year but that attitude is always forgotten by the time next year arrives.
Christmas is a magical time for all Christians as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ , who was sent to earth to live and die as a mortal man so we could be forgiven for our sins. For years and years Christmas has had a magical power, World War 1 could have ended with Christmas that year .
Yes Christmas is a very special time of the year , one that fills our hearts with hope, peace, joy and love.  
 As today ends my wish is for all mankind to come to have the same love for our Savior as I do and pray that all would receive Him into their hearts with the love and joy that He so wants for each of His children.
Good Night, God Bless and Merry Christmas.

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linda m said...

Merry Christmas, happy to see all the pictures and that you had a blessed Christmas. Hubby and I had a peaceful day as well. We got to talk to family on the phone which is always the best part. May you holidays be filled with God's love, peace and joy.