Saturday, December 6, 2014


The alarm sounded an hour earlier this morning so hubbie and I could beat the closed roads and crowded parking lot that the annual Christmas parade brings to town this morning.
There was an empty parking lot when we arrived at market at 8:30. The parade begins at 10am and with this misty rain I don't know how many folks will brave this weather to see the parade.
Market started off slow but picked up a little as the morning went on and folks walked back through on their way back to their cars from watching the parade on main street.
It was an umbrella fest while watching the parade and the crowds were quite a bit smaller than usual.

G-son's Cub scout pack had a float in the parade although he wasn't one of the riders this years.
This is one of my favorite parade entries, I love Llamas !
And of course the main attraction brings up the rear of the rain shortened parade.
I got visits by some folks I haven't seen in awhile and had a decent sales day so I am very thankful.
We had a nice surprise visit from a "flash mob" singing Christmas carols which was very nice.

After market I made one stop at Aldi for baking supplies and came home to do a little more decorating before getting chores done early.
The sun won the battle for a while after lunch today but the dark clouds are back this evening and it looks like it could rain any minute as I got the chores done on a warm upper 50's day.
Tonight is the annual Deacon's dinner at the Western NC Justice Academy cafeteria.
All the church deacon's and their yoke fellows invite the widowers and widows of the church to this dinner . #1 son and d-in-love went also as he is a yoke fellow.  It was good to see him actively caring for the elderly folks in the church. We are fortunate to have these young men so willing to take on the responsibilities of church life  and picking up the torches from the older men who are stepping aside.
The dinner was delicious as usual and the fellowship was wonderful with all the church family.
After hubbie and I got home we labeled and loaded all 50 caramel cakes in the van that need to be delivered to the lawyers office tomorrow afternoon.I had them stacked in the kid's playroom so we felt we had better load them tonight to get them out of their way tomorrow when they come to lunch and want to play in there.
I spent a relaxing evening catching up on my blog reading and writing.
Thankful tonight for the wonderful church family that God has blessed me with and for the freedom to worship our Heavenly Father.
Good Night and God Bless.

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