Friday, December 19, 2014


OH MY !!!   What a busy day I have on tap today.  Of course this post is being written on Saturday night after  two really busy days.
As the morning started off dreary and cool I had the house heated up in no time with both my ovens going full blast.
Because of the bad weather predictions for tomorrow I waited to bake a couple large orders along with all my regular "for sale" stuff.
I turned the ovens on at 10am and turned them off at 3:15 ,whew.  30 caramel, 5 coconut ,4 chocolate,
8 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes later  !!
G-son came to stay with me this afternoon after school got out at noon to begin his Christmas vacation time. His mom was playing music at the funeral of a church member's husband.
He brought an I-pad so he entertained himself while I worked except for asking for food .
After I turned my ovens off g-son and I took a caramel cake up to the church for the meal for the family after the service then we met another lady at Ingles with a couple more caramel cakes for an order.
Hubbie got off work early so he ran some errands in town for me saving me a bunch of time this afternoon and letting me get to my cake icing duties earlier.
I started icing caramel cakes as soon as I had the chores done this evening.
I iced and iced and iced this evening, finally at midnight I had things done and ready to go.
When I got into the bath tub tonight I noticed my right knee was swelled quite a bit from standing on my feet all day but thankfully it isn't hurting.
Thankful for the business that God sends my way and very thankful for the strength He gives me each day.
Good Night , God Bless and Merry Christmas.

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Sandy said...

You're so busy for the holidays with baking. I hope your knee swelling goes down.