Saturday, December 20, 2014


A drizzly cold morning greeted us this morning. With the temperature holding at 37 degrees it was all rain thankfully.  Most of the rain was going to stay south of our area and by the time we got to market it had stopped raining already.
Daughter , hubbie and I worked all day waiting on customers and we had a very good sales day.
Also still picked up several orders for Tuesday making that a busy day as well as today.
Old St Nicholas made an appearance in the market today and stayed for a couple hours to take list from all the good little boys and girls. 
I have been very good this year Santa !!!!
I wished I had my camera a couple times as the expression on some of the kids faces when they saw Santa was priceless.  This man did a wonderful job and acted like he loved doing this.
The lady that was coming from Columbia, SC to pick up 18 cakes got there just before closing time so hubbie had to rush to home after getting her loaded and head up to church to help with pulling carpet up out of one of the nursery rooms.
It didn't take him long to get it done and by the time I ran my errands he was getting home also. We got things unloaded and both of us ate an early supper since neither of us had time to eat all day.
We did the chores out in the now really cool evening air. A cold front has moved into the area today and dropped the temperatures significantly.
We took a much needed break and watched the news before getting our housecleaning done for tomorrow night's family gathering here.
I also wrapped my first packages of the season for my great nephews.
I look forward to the excitement these 3 little guys bring. 
It reminds me of Christmas's past when my boys were about the same age and how exciting things were back then.
In December 1984 we had the two boys and were expecting a third child in March which turned out to be daughter.

On Christmas eve we always headed over to hubbie's parent's house for dinner and present opening with his side of the family.

Our Christmas tree that year after Santa payed his visit !!!
The wonder of a child on Christmas morning !!!
I think they both got everything they wanted that year by the happy faces.

I had made these Santas from apples that year and the boys loved them.
After a short playtime it was off to "crunchberry Grannys"  , Hubbie's grandmother Ila Moore's house with all the other cousins.

After short rest back home we headed up to my mother's house from Christmas day night for more present opening.  She was called "Granny on the hill" by the boys.  Simply because she lived up on the hill above our house.

This was our little family at Christmas that year.
Those were exciting times and great memories were made as these two little boys got ready to welcome a little sister into their lives.
I am so grateful as I enjoy all these memories that God choose to bless my family as He has all through the years.
I am so thankful he sent His son to save a sinful world and that each of us would have the wonderful gift of forgiveness as we welcome Jesus into our hearts.
Good Night , God Bless and Merry Christmas.

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Gail said...

Great memories.

Merry Christmas.