Tuesday, December 2, 2014


The fog hung low for most of the morning after a misty shower that didn't leave any measurable amount in the rain gauge .

I took these as I took a morning walk. The temperature got lower than expected at 39 earlier this morning but it warmed up quickly to around 50 today under mostly cloudy skies.
After my walk I baked 12 caramel and 2 chocolate cakes before having lunch.
I ran out to Staples and Walmart to pick up a couple things I have to have to finish my large cake order this week.
When I got home I did house cleaning and got all the fall decorations put away. I was planning on getting some Christmas decorations up today but time got away from me this afternoon.
Flash is guarding the outside decorations for me  !!
After chores this evening I banded the 8 newest Silkie chicks and put them in the big house with all the other silkies. I have advertised them for sale but this is a bad time of year to sell chickens of any kind.  With the bright yellow leg bands I can easily pick them out this spring to sell.
I will have to watch them for a couple days to make sure they get into the routine of going inside at night before the next cold weather gets here.
G-son came to stay with us tonight while his mom went to music practice. He acted like he enjoyed himself and wanted to snuggle with his Pawpaw in the recliner to watch "Charlie Brown's Christmas".

As the show came on tonight they said this Christmas cartoon had been showing every year since 1965. Hubbie told g-son that that was the year he was 10 years old.  G-son said wow that must have been a really long time ago, haha !!
I iced 18 more caramel cakes tonight while they watched TV.  My stack of boxed cakes is growing each day, hopefully by tomorrow night I will be finished with this order and things for market Thursday.

We built a fire in the wood stove tonight just in case the temperatures go down farther than predicted again. It is still 46 degrees at 11:00 , so I would expect mid 30's by morning.
This is a map showing the snow cover in the country on these first days of December.
Thankful for the love of my Heavenly Father today and everyday and for the "Reason for this Season" !
Good Night and God Bless.

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Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Wow, enough cakes to bake for the day!!!! Stay warm, and safe with the cold. Were expecting colder temperatures ourselves. I love your new header picture.