Sunday, December 7, 2014


I got an early start this morning as I got things ready so that we could have lunch a bit earlier than usual.
I cooked several chicken breast in the crock pot overnight and this morning made rice and heated some California vegetables. I put it all together in a casserole dish and added cheese. I put in it the frig to be ready to stick in the oven as soon as we got home from church.
The Peace candle was lit today on this second Sunday of Advent. Jesus is the "Prince of Peace".

Today we had a couple missionaries speak at church.   The service went way long and I left, hubbie and daughter  got up and also left before it was over to be able to get our busy afternoon started on time. I am upset anyway after seeing my name on the list for nursery duty next Sunday after I told the lady in charge of the scheduling I could not do nursery next Sunday. I gave her a written and oral notice the week after the list for the quarter came out which was in October, so she should have had plenty of time to replace hubbie and I but instead evidently choose to turn a deaf ear to my request.  When you are trying to get folks to volunteer to help in a situation you should be quick to respond to thier request in my opinion.  I guess they will be hunting someone to do the duty next Sunday on Sunday morning because I will not be there and also will be doing without our services in the nursery anytime now as I am going to resign from taking nurser duty anytime after this unconcerned brush off by the scheduler. I do not ever want to be in this position again.
My dad used to always say when someone wrongs you the first time , shame on them, when they do it the second time, shame on you !!
I am trying to calm down this evening and know that this is true.

Lunch was good ,everyone made it. It was good to have Aa, Re and little EL back from their visit in Ohio last week.
After we ate hubbie and I left before anyone else to get the 50 caramel cakes delivered to the lawyer's office in town.
When we got back everyone was gone except daughter, d-in-love and g-son.
They left to go get groceries shortly after we got here.
I forgot to take an invoice for the cakes, so hubbie will have to take one by the office tomorrow while I am entertaining little El after her mom works all night tonight.
Hubbie helped me with the outside lights this evening and we got everything put up and got cords ran to some of it before it got too dark to see.
This old Nativity set sprang to life once again after many years of use.
We got the icicle lights up and this tree in the front lit up tonight also.
Hopefully tomorrow I can get everything finished.
The Christmas spirit is still escaping me so far this season.  As I delivered the cakes today I wondered if the money was really worth the hectic week that it took to get these ready and delivered ??
Especially after he told me he didn't know when I would get my pay for the cakes because the check had to come from the Asheville office ??
That's not how it was last year and they order twice the amount of cakes last year.
I did a little more decorating tonight and turned some of the lights on and that made me happy I was putting all the decorations up at least.  I love to turn all the other lights in the room off and just sit quietly with only the Christmas lights on.
The sunset tonight was some of God's beautiful light display.
We celebrate a very important day in our country's history today as on this day 73 years ago the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.  As time goes on and the older folks die this day gets fainter and fainter in the memories of Americans.  Few of the younger generation even know that this was the beginning of America's involvement in World War ll .  It cost over 2400 lives and wounded almost that many .

God bless all the soldiers that lost their lives or were injured on that fateful December 7 in 1941.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Busy Sunday for you. Today will be my busy day. December 7, 1941 is most definitely a day that went down in history. Hopefully our young people keep the meory alive. Blessings

JMD said...

I suppose only you can determine if the amount of work is worth your payment. If you choose to continue this endeavor I would tell each person payment is due at time of delivery. Sorry.