Friday, December 26, 2014


A getting back to normal Friday morning started off with really nice spring feeling temperatures and sunshine.
After chores and breakfast I had baking to get done for market tomorrow. I baked 6 caramel, 3 chocolate, 1 coconut and 2 pound cakes to fill some orders.
I am sure market will be a ghost town tomorrow after the big holiday. I can only hope for some late Christmas or New Years party purchases.
Little EL came to stay with hubbie and I while her mom went to her weekly Dr appointment. Baby is in position and could make his appearance any day.
We played while she was gone and had some lunch.  She still likes to try to toot the horn ornaments on the tree.
After her mom picked her up hubbie and I went to Ingles to pick up some groceries and to Aldi to get a humidifier they had just gotten in to try to moisten the air in our bedroom. The wood stove is drying out our sinus and giving us runny noses every day.
Back home we spent the afternoon outside in the nice 59 degree sunshine taking down all the outside Christmas decorations and putting them away.
I have been very lucky this year as I got to put them up in nice warm sunshine and take them down in nice warm sunshine. I wanted to get them put away before the rain moves back in tomorrow night and I had hubbie to climb up and down the ladder for the higher lights today.
The clouds began moving in this evening creating a beautiful sunset.

After chores I did some paperwork and then iced the cakes. I feel like I am forgetting something tonight with only this small amount of icing to do.
In decade pictures for December 2004 I found this anniversary card from the kids. In 2004 we celebrated a milestone 25th year of marriage.

Speaking of cards I got a Christmas card today from a first cousin up in Michigan with some bad news in it. I lost one of my first cousins up there to cancer and his sister had the same very rare skin cancer but she caught hers soon enough to save herself. They had Merkel Cell Carcinoma and very rare but aggressive form of skin cancer.  We don't keep in touch with this cousin set and I was surprised to read in the card that he actually died last January.  Guess it is better to get the news late than never, my heart goes out to his wife , children and sisters up there.
I found his obit online. He was the son of my mom's sister Carol.
I have memories of running and playing with Bobby when we were kids and his mom and dad would visit us every summer. R.I.P. Bobby.
Grateful to God tonight for my health and for His grace to let me live a healthy life.
Good Night and God Bless.

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