Wednesday, December 17, 2014


The sun was shining brightly through the bedroom window when I woke this morning.  As I worked through the morning chores in the nice 45 degree temps I thought that it seems strange to think that Christmas is only 8 days away. I think for me it feels strange because with the record breaking cold November we had I feel like I have already gone through most of our normal winter before winter has even arrived !!
I took a walk this morning to enjoy this beautiful weather even with my busy schedule for today.
I love this view out my front door this time of year of the bare browning fields, it's as if the whole world is at rest.

I baked 18 caramel, 4 chocolate, 1 coconut and 4 pound cakes . I took several orders and a couple panicked calls to move their orders from Saturday to Tuesday because of the forecasted weather. I think we will be fine unless the temperatures get much colder than predicted.
I had a late lunch then moved some furniture around downstairs in advance of a winter project I have in mind for down there.
I had a thirty minute break with a cup or hot tea and some bird watching before it was chore time again. 
I'll be glad when Sunday gets here and passes so the days will start to lengthen again.
After chores little EL came to stay with us while her mom and dad went to church tonight.
She is always a joy to have a round even when she isn't feeling up to par as tonight.

She played with the race track in the play room and laughed at the crashing cars.
Her mom and dad came back before her bedtime and they headed off home.
I had all the Christmas lights turned on and she loved all the sparkling lights. It definitely looks alot like Christmas at my house in every room !!

I think EL senses it is getting close to time for her baby brother to get here and she is having thoughts about having to share her mommy's time so she is glued to mommy right now and doesn't want to spend any time separated from her.
After they left I did weekly paperwork and started icing cakes. I got things ready by about midnight as usual.
I am not feeling great tonight , my sinus feels like it is getting infected with watery eyes and stuffy nose.
When I laid down the stuffed up nose got worse and I had to breathe through my mouth which is never good for sleeping for me.
I got up a couple times to do things I forgot to do and each time I got up the stuffiness would go away, as soon as I layed back down it came back,grrrr !!!
I was feeling sorry for myself having to work so hard even when I don't feel well and all the things that haven't gone the way I expected lately,etc whine, whine , whine !!!!!   As I lay there in this state of self pity the police scanner came alive with a auto wreck on the other side of town.  When the first responders arrived on the scene they called back with a fatality in the wreck. At that moment, I hit my knees, I don't have any problems Lord, forgive me for whining, I am truly blessed, and this news at this time shook me out of my gloom and into a truly thankful frame of mind.  Bless the family of this wreck victim and comfort them during this season  with only the comfort You Lord can give.
I found out later the victim was a local 22 year old man who was raised just out the road from me and attended the high school daughter now teaches at.
I took these pictures tonight as the sun set and marveled at the color God adds to our light displays.
This first pic was with my phone, I knew the lights would be less by the time I got inside and got my camera but it was still pretty in the lower pic with the camera.

 God's lights outshine anything we can put out just as His love endures anything we put it through.
Good Night, God Bless and Merry Christmas.

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