Monday, December 15, 2014


Up to get the chores done a little early expecting little EL while her mom goes for her doctors appointment. Got a call from Re saying the dr was at the hospital in an extended delivery so she would go  tomorrow morning.  Hubbie and I had planned on a trip later today over to the WNC farmers market so after chores and  breakfast we headed over there this morning.
We got another box of Lees fruit that we love and took a walk through the inside part of the market since we haven't been in there in a long time. We were reminded by the extremely high prices why we haven't been in there in a long time !!!  However I did find a couple gift items and we got some fresh green beans and tomatoes that looked really good. We also talked to a neighbor that we didn't know lives just up the road from us, reminding us of what a small world this is !
On the way home we stopped at Walmart for some baking supplies. This Walmart on hwy 280 always amazes me as it is one of the larger stores in the area but they always have the least number of cashiers working and you always have to stand in line an extra long time. I'm glad I only go here ever once in a while.
When we got home we had a late lunch of yesterday's left overs and then hubbie went to work on his wood pile and I got the laundry started and then worked on getting cords to all my outside decorations.  I also got out some more decorations for the front porch. It got dark quickly as the clouds moved in this evening so the pics I got tonight were after dark.
This is the back of the house.
Here I am on the front porch.
We came inside and stoked the fire as the temps plunged after the sun went down.  This mornings low was 24 degrees , almost 10  degrees colder than predicted with a very heavy frost and this afternoons high stayed about the same range below the forecast high at only 47 degrees. But the sun most of the day made it feel pretty nice. Tomorrow the temps are supposed to me about the same with maybe some rain. The humidity is so low now that after working outside this afternoon my hands are actually hurting tonight they are so dry !!

The forecasters are scaring my cake customers (and me) right now with predictions for snow on Saturday.  I'm in a quandry now of what I should bake as the lady that has the largest order of 16 cakes has to drive from Columbia,SC to pick them up and I have a feeling she won't come if the snow stays in the forecast.

At his Cub Scout meeting tonight g-son received his "popcorn" badge for selling some of the popcorn to help fund the packs activities.
That is him with his hand out as his friend and fellow scout Andrew Lyda looks on.
After he got home he had a hard job to do.  He needed to pull out a very loose tooth. So his dad  tied dental floss around it, tied the other end to the door handle, and g-son did not look happy at the task.
But he did it and that tooth is now under his pillow waiting for the Tooth Fairy !!
Good Job G-son !!!
This is only the 5th baby tooth he has lost.
Thankful tonight for the many blessings of this day and especially  for THE REASON FOR THE SEASON  !!
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Hope it doesn't snow on Saturday so that you can get all of your cakes delivered....

Our weather has been strange recently--and the forecasters have been missing. We've stayed cooler than they said we would...

Hope your thumb is okay.. I'm sure that hurt... I'm still having knee/leg pain --but will see an orthopedic doctor tomorrow...


linda m said...

Your hose looks so pretty with all the lights. Love your front porch. I think we all have been having some strange weather. Here in WI we had all the freezing temps and snow at Halloween and now we have temps in the mid 40's with nothing but fog and rain. G-son looked like I do when I visit the dentist - glad that loose tooth is out. Hope your thumb is feeling better. Blessings