Saturday, November 22, 2014


Off to market early this morning and arrived on time. No one was there to notice as customers were scarce early in the day.  I kept thinking it would surely get busier as the temperatures warmed outside but it never did.  It was an exceptionally slow Saturday before Thanksgiving.  Thankful for the orders I had.
It has been a long time since I had time to get my laptop out and do some blog catching up on  a Saturday at market.
Hubbie left early to get home and get the smoker filled with a couple Boston Butts and a couple chickens to smoke and then spend the rest of the evening raking the leaves around the house. Seems there are more leaves now than there has been and he has already raked twice already. We have a mountain of leaves down in the woods in front of the house where he has been dumping them.
After I left market I made one stop at Aldi for supplies for a Tuesday market day for a change.
The Henderson county toy run came into town this afternoon, with scores of motorcycle riders bringing toys so that the children that might not have any gifts on Christmas morning would have some.

Thankful for all these generous folks and their donations.
I made it home to find hubbie still raking leaves.  He swears there is more leaves this year than he has ever seen !!
I helped get the last tarps full pulled off the lawn and into the woods then we put up the lawn chairs for the winter months. I usually wash the chairs before I store them but it is too cold to do any outside washing today so I will wash them next spring when I get them out.
Today has been the warmest day of the week reaching 50 degrees with sunshine but the wind is blowing making it feel much cooler.
The smoker has been going since 12:30 with all the meat in it and the chickens were ready to have for supper tonight.  It was very good, yummy !!
Aa , Re and little EL came for a short visit tonight then hubbie and I tackled the task of changing out our dining room table. I had advertised the old table , thinking it would be nice to sell it out of the kitchen but there were no takers so I will use it downstairs as a cutting table when I get my sewing corner down there arranged.
We got the new table put together, hubbie already had all the chairs together and the table wasn't bad although when we first looked at the instructions they didn't make much sense.
This table will take a while to get used to as it is narrower than the old one and in this picture we put one of the extra leaves in it to be ready for lunch tomorrow.
It has another leaf so we can have more room when the entire family is here  and then I will take both leaves out during the week for extra room in the kitchen.
I  think I like it but it will take some getting used to since it is so different than what we have had for years.
While we were working on this daughter came by to pick up a dog crate for a dog she is sitting this week.  She had spent the day at Clemson with the basketball girls and other coaches.
They had a program and then went to the football game.  They had nose bleed seats at the game as you can see by this picture of the three coaches (photo bombed by one of their players) !!
Thankful tonight for safe traveling mercies for her and her teams and grateful for all my blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Your new table looks really nice. Blessings