Tuesday, November 18, 2014


My body has not had time to adjust to these frigid temperatures yet.  When the thermometer says 17 degrees when I head out to do the morning chores it is usually in January and I am adjusted to cold by then, not expecting this in November !!
All the water was frozen completely solid so I had to bust the ice out of the waterers and refill them with cold water that, I'm sure, will very shortly by frozen solid again. Hopefully the chickens are smart enough to drink while they can.
I heard Cayenne the horse calling me the entire time I was at the chicken houses.  Her water was frozen also and she needed some fresh hay to warm her .
I came inside and had breakfast and then tackled the task of house cleaning some of the places I have been neglecting.
I took everything out of my canned goods, drink supplies, dessert supplies and spices and herb cabinets.  Tossed things that were out of date, proud of myself that there wasn't as many things as in some years to throw away.
Re had a hair appointment at 1:00 so she brought little EL by to nap here while she was gone. She slept a good 2-hour nap.
While she slept I got most of the things rearranged and back in the cabinets.  I need another lazy susan for my spice cabinet.
When El woke up I gave her a new farm set that used to be g-son's to play with and it kept her entertained until mom made it home.
The high temperature today was a balmy 27 degrees for a new record all around.  It has been a good day to work inside and feed the fire.
There were several counties just north of us that had to close schools today because of snow. Madison county got over 3 inches of snow and with the cold temps it stayed on the roads.
But I hate to complain when I see pictures of the states more north of us such as New York which has several feet of snow already. This pic is in Buffalo, NY this morning.
I had to deliver a sheet cake for a birthday this evening at 4:30 and then came home to do the chores a bit early so all the animals could get extra time to eat some extra food as tonight is supposed to be colder than last night with a predicted 13 degrees.
I wonder how their bodies are reacting to the early cold weather?
I am thankful we got our new stove in because it has really kept the house warm today.
I love this gauge we have on the stovepipe that helps you keep the fire at the right temperature.
Up to 300 degrees is creosote forming , 300 to 600 is clean burn and above 600 is overfire and dangerous.  I can keep this fire temp easily in the clean burn range by adding a stick or 2 of wood every couple hours. We probably should have built a fire in the upstairs stove tonight with the temps going so far down but hubbie was so tired he went to bed really early and I am not about to tackle that task.  The upstairs Appalachian stove is very different from the Pacific Energy stove downstairs.
I would like to have  a new Pacific Energy stove upstairs as well but we couldn't afford to replace both stoves the same year.  Maybe next season.
Thankful tonight for the warmth of a fire and for the warmth of God's loving arms that He wraps around me continuously.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I bet you are really happy with your new stove. I love the gauge on the pipe. Poor critters; bet they aren't too happy about the early cold spell. I know I wouldn't want my glass of water frozen over either. Keep warm and keep safe. Blessings