Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Surprise , this morning as I looked outside and saw absolutely nothing !!!   No snow for us this time around. When I went to bed last night it was raining pretty hard leaving almost 3/4" of rain in the gauge by this morning but no snow.
The higher mountains around our area got a nice covering but it was all gone by noon with the warming temps.
I lay in bed a little longer than usual today , even prompting hubbie to ask if I was okay?
I knew I would be behind to start the day but it was so nice just to rest.
I did chores and breakfast then baked 12 caramel cakes for an order.  Daughter wants to car shop this afternoon so I was finished by the time she finished her b-ball practice around noon.
We ate a quick lunch and all three of us headed over to Asheville to check on some different cars. Our first stop was the Honda place. After talking with a salesman she discovered she couldn't get the Honda she wanted with a black leather interior , they only had beige leather interiors in their white cars.
We left him trying to come up with some other options in her price range.
We stopped by Walmart to pick up some baking supplies for my large order next week, checked on a pet sitting job with her then headed to the farmers market to see what kind of citrus fruit they had in already.
 We found some Lees Fruit that were very good so we bought a box to share.We also bought a box of "Halos" and some tomatoes. While we were there the salesman called daughter back and ask if she would be interested in an Acura ?   She hadn't even thought about an Acura thinking there was no way she could afford one of them.
We stopped at the Toyota place to look over the new 2015 Camry's there ,but she decided she just didn't like the new grill style on them and they didn't have any color but black in the 2014s.
She was running out of options and getting very discouraged with car shopping.  She said she would look at the Acura on our way home and then stop her search for  awhile.
The Acura was a bit smaller then the Camry or the Accord but only by a few inches.  It was the exact color she wanted, pearl white with black leather interior, had a moon roof and all the fancy options she liked.
She drove it around quite a while and decided if they could get in her payment range she would buy it. After some dickering on price the salesman left again to try to get the price even lower and I could tell by the look on daughter's face she wasn't expecting to be buying that car either.  We were all kind of surprised when he walked back in and said congratulations you just bought the car !!!
After all the dust settled on the paperwork the payments actually came in $11 less than we bargained for so that made her happy.
I haven't bought a new car in a long time and forgot how long all the paperwork trail actually took. We sat in the dealership and watched darkness fall and then some.  Finally almost 2 hours later it was done, she was a new car owner for the first time in her life !!
I think she will be happy with this purchase, she got a good deal and it should last her a long time. The salesman said a man just traded in an Acura that had 400 miles on it !! The salesman she had was one of the most knowledgeable salesman I have ever met and did a great job of explaining all the options on this car.  Their service department sounds very good also and she gets all kinds of free service on this car for 5 years so that was another added surprise.
We came home did chores by flashlight in the quickly cooling evening air.
It has been a nice sunny day with highs in the upper 40's but they are calling for a cold upper 20's night with the possibility of snow again.
#1 son and his family spent the day at Dollywood today . G-son looks like he is having a wonderful time in all the Christmas lights.

I iced my caramel cakes tonight and then blogged. This has been a great Thanksgiving eve and I am very thankful for the protective arms of our loving Lord in all the travel today of everyone.
Hope all my blogger friends and readers have a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving day tomorrow .
I'll leave you with this little poem.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Congratulations to the new car owner. She has trading savvy.

Happy Thanksgiving.

linda m said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you you and your family and congratulations to your daughter on her new car. May God bless you and your family.