Tuesday, November 11, 2014


As the earlier alarm sounded this morning it took me a few minutes to remember why I needed to get up earlier this morning.  I needed to pick #2 son up at the Toyota place in town at 8am after he dropped his Tacoma truck off to have a recalled bad clutch replaced.
It was a very frosty morning with the temperature at 30 as I headed out.
The fields were covered with frosty sparkling blankets that shimmered in the early morning sunlight.

After I dropped him back at his house I came home to all the animals to feed and also to feed me !!
I took a long walk after breakfast. It amazes me each Fall when the leaves fall off the trees at what is now visible on and through the naked branches. I can imagine these birds looking down on me each time I sat out in the covered patio.
 I hope this Great Blue Heron doesn't think he is hid, although he does blend pretty good !!!
 Shriveled persimmons hang on for dear life against a Carolina blue sky.
I finished my walk and reluctantly came inside.
Daughter who had basketball practice this morning came and had lunch before we headed down to Easley,SC to do some car shopping. She is hoping she can find the "right" car at the "right" price today while she is off work.  We picked up #2 son and dropped him off to pick his truck up on our way out of town.
We went to a Honda dealership first and drove Accords. I didn't like them much, they felt kind of cheaply made to me but the prices surely weren't cheap.
Next we went just down the road to the Toyota dealership to drive a Camry.  These felt much better to me and she thought they did drive better and felt safer.
The catch with these is she doesn't like the new 2015 front design with the big black grill.
She likes the 2014 camry style better and picked this car out at the dealership we were at.
The salesman told her he could get to her price point on this car and for us to just sit in it while he got some figures. 
Wasn't long before he appeared on daughter's side of the car and said he couldn't get anywhere close to the price she wanted to pay. That kind of made me mad and then he kept trying to get her to take another color or a 2015. Finally they brought out a used car that was like this one with 4800 miles on it which wouldn't have been to bad but they wanted only $2000 less for it than they wanted for the new ones in different colors.. She stuck to her guns and said if she was going to pay that much for a car she was going to get what she wanted.  I was proud of her for standing her ground.  Then the finance person showed us how he searched in the closest four states for what she wanted and only found one 2014 left.
We left there an hour after their regular closing time without a car.  
We stopped at Taco Bell for a quick supper and headed home. We got here about 8:00 tonight with our heads spinning with figures.
When we looked online for cars like she wanted we found plenty at nearby dealers so I don't know why he was trying to tell her there wasn't any,(well actually I do know)  but that is not a good way to earn someone's business.
There will be more shopping in our future !

As today passes I want to say a huge THANK YOU   to all the veterans who have served and fought for our freedom.

God bless all of you veterans and thanks for the wonderful job you have done and do.
Tonight I am most thankful for the bravery of men and women who willingly fight to defend the precious freedom we have in this country .  I salute you !!!
Thanking God for daughter and I's traveling mercies of this day and praying for His blessing on daughter and  her car search.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I know how you all feel about the car dealerships. I ended up shopping online to get the best price when I bought my car. Too bad everyone is more concerned about the $ instead of a repeat customer. Love your pictures they all look so peaceful. Praying your daughter finds the car she wants at the price she wants. God bless our Veterans and their families. Blessings

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Good to hear your daughter stuck to her guns on making sure see gets exactly what she wants for a car.
I really don't like car salesman, and they don't like me because I stick to my guns too :-)

Diane Wilson said...

Those are such beautiful photographs! You have such amazing scenery around your house. Anyway, I love your daughter's pick for a car. I definitely agree that the 2014 front design of the Camry is much better. It's good that she stood her ground with the dealer, even if she didn't get a car at the end. I believe she'll get a car sooner than later. Thank you for sharing everything! Wishing you and your family all the best!

Diane Wilson @ Fletcher Chrysler