Sunday, November 16, 2014


A cloudy but warmer morning greeted us this Sunday morning.  The animals looked like they were relieved when they found their water pans all free of ice this morning.
It won't be much of a break from the icy cold but we'll take it.  By tomorrow night the bitter cold with the next Artic plunge will be coming in to drop temps back into the teens and record breaking low temps are predicted for Tuesday.
Hopefully we do get the predicted rain fall tomorrow as we badly need some moisture to wet down all the fallen leaves. There have been several small forest fires around the area.
Hubbie and I had nursery duty this morning at church along with another couple, Bob and Wendy Jones. We had 5 little ones and a "crier" so we had our hands full. G-son came in and helped with the bigger boys while we had to hold a couple of the smaller ones who were no happy about being away from mama.
We had a spaghetti for lunch and then had a nice nice visit before everyone went home. Aaron was the only one missing today as he had to work in the soybean fields hoping to beat the rain.
Hubbie the last Nascar race of the season on TV this afternoon and I caught up on some magazine reading out in the sunroom with my 4-legged kids all snuggled in my lap.
The clouds are hanging dark and low but the rain held off until the evening chores were finished.
I got some straw and made some really nice nest inside the older hen's house to try and intice them to start laying their eggs inside the house again. Since the really windy day last week they have been randomly making nest sites outside.  It is like searching for Easter eggs each day to find the leaf covered nest.
Maybe with the cold rainy day tomorrow and the nice freshly strawed inside nest they will lay back inside.
I advertised my old dining set tonight to see if I get any takers before we put it downstairs and get the new longer one setup. I had rather sell this one from the dining room rather than the downstairs.  We'll see what kind of attention my add attracts for a couple days then move it downstairs for next weekend.
This is a good night for relaxing and getting geared up for some extra things I want to get done this coming week.
I am very thankful tonight for all the blessings of health and strength the Lord gives me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

We are having the bitter cold here in WI. Too soon to be this cold. I always enjoyed nursery duty at church except when I would get a crier. I remember helping my DIL "hunt for eggs in an outside the hut nest. City girl (me) is always chicken to put my hand in the nest for fear of something jumping out at me. Blessings