Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Election day 2014 is finally here and thankfully will put an end to all the political ads and phone calls for a while anyway !!
I hope you all do your patriotic duty and go vote. Hubbie and I voted early last Monday.
I have a busy day planned today and got an early start this morning with an early cake order phone call.
After chores and breakfast I changed the bed covers and got a load of laundry started before I headed out on my morning walk. It is foggy this morning and the sun hasn't made it through the haze yet but it is still pretty warm already after only getting around 38 for the low overnight.
Next on the agenda was the box of apples that has been sitting in the sunroom for almost a month.
I peeled enough of the apples to fill 2 crock pots and got them going setting out on the sunroom table.
These are a mixture of apples types some Braeburns,Pink Ladies, Cameos and Goldens which should make a good tasting applesauce.
I started house work and got the bathrooms cleaned before it was time to go over to school to pick up g-son.  Today was an early dismissal day at school so he got out at noon but mom had to work all day.
When we got home Re came over because her water was off and EL stayed here to play while she went to get groceries.  EL and g-son played well together while I did some dusting.
After Re came back and took her home g-son and I stayed outside for the afternoon.
 Even as he gets bigger he still likes to play with sticks.
It was a warm , sunny afternoon a good one to be outside in or to take a nap in, at least Annie thought so.

I love the panorama setting on my phone.
When his mom came to pick him up she brought me his school picture for this year.

He looks happy !!!

I did the evening chores and then tackled another task for the day. These muscadine grapes, that hubbie gathered last Friday before the cold weather and snow came, need to have something sone with them before they all dry out.
In this warmer weather the fruit flies are coming back around with all these grapes sitting here.
I found a recipe for old fashioned grape hull jam using muscadine grapes, so that was the first order of business for me tonight.
Hubbie went over to Aa and Re 's house to help #1 son work on their well pump.  He is replacing the pressure tank.
I renewed my ability of jam making the old fashioned way without the use of added pectin.
This is some of the best tasting jam I have ever made. I couldn't resist tasting it while it boiled down.
When it got to this stage I knew it wouldn't have any trouble gelling as it sheeted off the spoon.
I made 7 half pints of jam using the pulp and the blended up hulls of the muscadine grapes.
As soon as I got these out of the water bath canner I got the crock pots in the kitchen and stirred up the applesauce in them.  I tasted it and decided not to add a thing as the flavor was very good.
I had 9 pints and 1 half pint of this.
Seems this is a little late to be doing any kind of canning but the growing season has been long this season with the late frost.
I still have lots of apples so there may be even more canning going on but it will have to wait as canning time has passed for this week.
Hubbie didn't get home until almost 10:30 tonight after working on the well pump. They got the new tank on it and discovered a leak in the water line that goes down into the well so they will have to pull the pump Friday when they can both get off work and the rain is supposed to be passed by then.
Thankful today most of all for my health that allows me to do all the things I do each day.
Grateful for all my daily blessing from God.
Good Night and God Bless.

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