Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Off to market a bit early as hubbie is here to help after he decided to take the entire week off to use up some of his days off before he loses them.
To our surprise there were very few customers at market this morning. Usually it takes both of us helping customers as they fill their Thanksgiving dessert orders.
He left before lunch to get home to catch up some "honey dos".
I had a decent day although it was slower than previous years.  I took several orders for Saturday, including a 12 caramel cake order and a 50 caramel cake order for next Saturday , so it looks like I will be super busy for a while.
At the end of the day today I changed my fall decorations and table cloths all out for Christmas ones and put out some decorations before I left.
Saturday is our "Old Timey Christmas" open house  so we will have another busy day.
The weather today was nice, highs in the mid 50's with clouds thickening as the day went on ahead of the third winter storm named "Cato".
There are winter weather alerts all up the eastern part of the country,our area included, for the next couple days.
The snowfall predictions are impressive with this system,causing that trip to grandma's house for Thanksgiving dinner to become very tricky in places.

The snow is going to turn to ice as the temps warm tomorrow.
We will have to wait and see what  track this storm actually takes as that will determine how much snow or ice we get.
We had a flea market trip planned for tomorrow but not doing that now for sure !!
I made a supply stop at Aldi on the way home from market, rushing a bit to get here to meet a lady that was supposed to come look at my old dining table I have for sale but she called after I got home and said her husband said it wasn't big enough.
Since I hurried home hubbie and I had to make a trip back to Walmart after chores and supper tonight to pick up a package I had ordered online and get some more baking supplies.
The air is getting cooler as the 47 degrees now feels very moisture laden.
These are the colorful clouds that filled the eastern sky at chore time this evening.
Last year we were dealing with the second winter storm during this same time.
I collected all the seeds from the pumpkins that have served as my yard decorations tonight and gave some to the chickens for their fall worm treatment and put the rest in the freezer to give them their spring worm treatment.
Pumpkin seeds are a very good natural parasite treatment for chickens.
 Pumpkin and Guord seeds have a chemical in them called curcurbitacin, this is a chemical steroid which paralyzes the parasite and makes them turn lose from the intestinal walls so that they are easily flushed out.  Feeding these seeds to your back yard flock will keep the parasite population in check without any worry of eating harsh chemicals in their eggs.
Thankful tonight for the blessing of a warm home and plenty of food for our Thanksgiving table.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

We had the winter storm yesterday. It left about 5 inches of nasty wet white stuff. The cold made the snow turn to ice and it is very slippery out also. The snow was so heavy I couldn't shovel and had to wait for hubbie to get home from work so he could use the big snowblower. Hope you don't get "hit" very hard and that you all stay safe and warm. I pray that God grants you a blessed and family filled Thanksgiving.