Sunday, November 23, 2014


A misty rain greeted me as I did chores this morning . With a temperature of 38 this made the morning feel raw to be outside.
I loaded all 6 of my Operation Christmas Child boxes up and headed to church a little early hoping to get everything inside before the harder rains arrived and I needed to be there early for my "greeter" duties.
The sermon was from Joshua about thankfulness this morning.
After church we decided to check out the estate sale before lunch.  They didn't have much, I only found a small cutting board with some hummingbirds painted on it. My love of birds showing again !!!
Everyone made it to lunch of one of our smoked butts and it was very good . As I looked around at the entire family eating, talking and laughing together around my new table I decided I liked the table better than I thought I did ,haha.  It did the exact job I bought it for.
All the guys went out to the new Dunham sports store that just opened in the mall in town to check out their grand opening sales.
Re and I were the only ones that didn't go. She took little EL home for a nap. I sat out in the sunroom ,had a nice hot cup of tea and watched the now pouring rain.
When #2 son dropped hubbie off he took most of the smoked butt and 1/2 of the chicken home with him for his late suppers after he works his late holiday hours at the Post Office this week.
Hubbie and I tried waiting out the pouring rain before chores but it only got harder so we put on rain coats and sloshed out to get the animals fed. At regular feeding time of 5:00 it was so dark all the chickens were already in their houses roosting so I just shut the doors. I'll gather eggs in the morning when I let them out.
After we watched the news our county has been put under a flash flood warning as rain still pours down getting harder and harder.
Tonight after the rain slacked off I poured 2& 1/2 inches of rain from the gauge at 10:00. I could hear the roaring creek waters but so far it is still licking the tops of the banks and not flooding the bottoms.
After a cold day today we will get a break tomorrow and Tuesday before the chill comes back Wednesday with a chance for the second year in a row of a snowy Thanksgiving eve.

 Daughter went home today to get her Christmas tree up, she always puts it up before anyone else. Since she doesn't have Thanksgiving at her house she says she can enjoy the tree when everyone else is busy after Thanksgiving putting theirs up.
She has a really nice tree.
I spent the evening shopping on line for Christmas and listening to the pouring rain.
Glad I don't have to be out in this nasty weather.
Thankful tonight for a wonderfully caring church family and the freedom to worship as I please.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Nothing quite as special as family gathered round.

Stay high and dry and safe.

linda m said...

so glad to hear you had the entire family for Sunday dinner. Also happy your new table did a good job of accommodating everyone. Rained here all day yesterday. This Afternoon the rain is turning into snow - 1-3 inches expected by Tuesday morning. Blessings