Friday, November 7, 2014


I was so thankful when I woke up today that we still had our power.  The wind was blowing so hard last night when I went to bed it sounded scary.  I was hoping a tree didn't get blown over on the power lines around here. 
All that wind left a thick carpet of leaves on our yard and a definite chill in the air this morning.
Even this morning the wind was still blowing enough to try to cover Sadie with blowing leaves as she tried to get warm in the bright sunshine.
I heard a lot of noise from the road down below and saw that workers are back doing something on the new road and have one lane closed.
Love the pattern in the field across the creek where Aa harvested the soybeans last week.Looks like a well groomed golf course !!!
After a routine morning I baked 12 caramel and 4 chocolate cakes for market tomorrow.
I have one order for 6 cakes so that will make for a good day anyway.
I finished baking just as hubbie came in for lunch, he had gotten off work early to help #1 son pull the well pump at Aa and Re's rental to find the water leak.
I did some housework and then dived into my decade photo hunt for the month of November.  I also came across some old clippings I had not included before so I will need to make copies of these and attach them in the past books.
My back started hurting from sorting through pics so I went outside to do the chores and check on hubbie and son.  They had found the leak easily and had built a new top for the well house to replace the rotten old one for a successful afternoon of work.
Daughter drove up in the yard in a new Toyota Camry she was test driving. It was a really pretty car. She needs a new car and is trying to decide between a camry and a Honda Accord.
She is going to drive an accord tomorrow. Then see what kind of deal she can get.
Her jeep has over 130,000 miles on it and she doesn't trust it to go on trips anymore. She has had it since 2005 and is dreading making car payments again !!
I iced cakes and then got in a really hot tub to soak my aching back muscles so they would relax so I could get to sleep.
Thankful tonight for all the wonderful memories that God has blessed me with as I look back through all the old photos and marvel at the blessed life He has blessed my family with.
Feeling very thankful.
Good Night and God Bless

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