Sunday, November 9, 2014


A beautiful morning after a mid 30's night.  We have been so blessed to have perfect weather on so many days lately.
After chores and breakfast I headed to church.  I was a "greeter" this morning and welcomed everyone as they came into the sanctuary.
It was a good service , the sermon was continuing in Esther.
After church Re dropped EL here and all the girls went to check out the 1/2 off sale at the estate sale.
They found some great deals on Christmas decor.
We had a crock pot full of chili and a cake of cornbread and it was really good.
Aa was the only one missing today as he is working in the soy bean fields.
After everyone left hubbie and I put up our new split door going down into the basement.  We need a split door so the top can stay open so that the heat from the wood stove can come up from downstairs and  the bottom can stayed closed so that the little ones and my 4-legged kid named Dolly who is almost blind can't fall down the stairs.
This door wasn't a problem when g-son was small because daughter lived downstairs in the apartment and we kept the door closed. We used the woodstove down there as her only heat and used the one upstairs for us.
D-in-love brought her brother Tim, his wife Whitney and their 2 kids up here to try and make some pics this evening. They have a little girl, Stella who is getting ready to turn 2 years and a little boy, Jed  who is just 2 months old.  It was good to see them and it was my first time to see the new baby.
#1 son came up looking for some large tin cans to use at a Cub scout meeting tomorrow night and I happened to remember a number of these I had in the old green house. I was going to paint them and make flower pots from them but somehow never got around to it so at least they will be good for something.
I also went to my sewing shop to get him some rope to go with the cans  and found a neat show and tell item for him to take to the scout meeting. I found an entire snake skin. You hardly ever find them totally intact but this one had the eye holes and all. It was inside my sewing shop so hopefully I still have a resident blacksnake who keeps the mice population in check in there.
The boys will get a real kick out of this, I'm not sure about the mom's !!!

The first named winter storm of the season, Astro,  is predicted to drop a lot of snow across the northern plains states in the next several days.
This storm will also drop some cold temperatures to us about mid week with maybe some cold rain.
In my search for decade pictures for the month of November I only found a few in November 1984.
We took the boys to Greenville to see the Sesame Street live show and I remember they were fascinated with all the life like characters they watched on TV.
#1 son had just turned 3 years old and #2 son was 20 months old in that month.
These are a couple pics from mom's collection dated that month of her and her sister Carol while they visited Tweetsie Railroad and Bridal Veil Falls. Aunt Carol is the one in the green top and white pants in both pics, have no idea why mom has different clothes on in each picture.

I spent the evening relaxing and enjoying a quiet Sunday evening.
Thankful tonight for the never dieing love of my Heavenly Father and the blessing of a wonderful church family that I am free to worship with each Sunday.
Good night and God Bless.

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