Saturday, November 8, 2014


Off to market on time this morning. I drive the main road through town now as the busy traffic season has passed so it only takes about 10 minutes to get to market instead of the usual 15-20 around the back roads.
The man came after his 6 cake order just as hubbie was starting to unload the van so that worked out fine and he also took an additional cake .
There were busy spurts this morning until about noon so I had a decent day, nothing like the Saturday's of last month but okay for a November Saturday.
Alot of the sellers aren't coming in now as they have no produce to sell and that makes a big difference in the crowd that comes in.  Mostly now folks come in for certain things and then leave without shopping around.
After market I shopped in a couple consignment shops in town, looking for a leather coat for me but didn't find anything that would fit.  I have decided I need a light weight leather coat instead of the bulky coats I have.  I surely can't afford a new one so I'll have to keep shopping until one comes up.
I found one in a place called "Elite Repeats" , just what I wanted and only $25 but it was a tad too small, darn !!!
I picked up baking supplies at Aldi and stopped in Ingles to pick up some roast they had on sale and some corn meal for cornbread making.
I also made a stop at the estate sale place we always go to but came away with a new santa hat and a couple plastic containers for a grand total purchase of $4.
I got home about 4:30 and hubbie helped me get unloaded.  He was still raking leaves from the lawn.
He has a leaf pick up attachment for the lawn mower but as thick as the leaves are this year he doesn't go very far before it is full. He dumps it on this tarp and when he gets the tarp full he pulls it down into the woods.

It's amazing how many leaves have fallen and how many are still on the trees. As I looked around I noticed the leaves on a couple of my plum trees are still green.
After evening chores I fixed supper of a couple little round steaks broiled in the oven and  tried some acorn squash and sweet potatoes in the power pressure cooker.  The acorn squash are better cooked in the oven but the sweet potatoes tasted the same as baked and in only about 15 minutes.
Finally got my latest blog book in the mail today and looked through it and was pleased again at the job Blurb does on these books.
We had a relaxing Saturday night and a much needed rest tongiht.
Thankful tonight for the blessing of good health.
Good Night and God Bless.

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