Friday, November 14, 2014

BRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!

BRRRRR !!!!  20 degrees as I head out to to the chores this morning.  There was ice everywhere and with the wind blowing it was very uncomfortable out there.
We had plenty of frost but not near as much as the higher mountains had this morning.

This is called "Rime ice".
Back inside I had breakfast then suited up once again to get a walk in even in the cold temps.
The colors of the dull winter are slowing but surely taking over as the leaves continue to come off the trees leaving empty gray branches.
The cattle are enjoying the warm sunshine this morning after shivering through the very cold night. Glad all those little calves are black so they heat up quickly in the sun.
Another sign from Mother Nature of an impending harsh winter is all these blooms on the spring blooming Forsythia.
There is plenty of pretty red holly berries on this tree for Christmas decorating.
Back inside I baking cakes, 6 caramel,3 chocolate,4 pound cakes. With the temperature overnight going down once again around 20 degrees I don't know what the market morning will bring.

The car search drama for daughter continues today.  The dealer in Easley sent her a window sticker from a car that he says has everything she wants on it that he can get for her at the price she wants to pay.  The strange thing about this is part of the vin number was X-ed out and the remaining numbers were not part of the vin number of this particular car when I looked it up at the dealer who had it in Myrtle Beach,SC.   We can't figure out how the vin number is wrong but it has the correct description.Grrrrrrrr  !!!!   Why does this have to be shrouded in mystery ???

El came to stay while her mom went to the cloth store this evening . She is getting so big and is so smart.
After she left hubbie and I did chores and then I iced my cakes and got things ready for market. 
Then I made the 7-layer salad I am taking to our family Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night.
I put a last log of firewood in the new stove before I went to bed. I have kept a fire going all day and our heat pump hasn't come on at all today as the heat from this stove downstairs is keeping the  entire house warm.
Thankful tonight for the blessing of a warm home and food for my table.
Good Night and God Bless.

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