Friday, October 3, 2014


Woke to a cloudy morning but none of the promised rain yet.  I did chores and had breakfast before I heard the rain drops start hitting the metal roof.
The rain started off really heavy but slacked to a drizzle after just a few minutes. 
This rain is in front of a cold front bringing the coldest air of the season and possibly our first frost of the season tomorrow night.
I made a cake delivery at 10:30 before starting the baking for today.
I baked 18 caramel, 1 chocolate, 4 pound and an apple sauce cake.
Don't know how business will be tomorrow with Farm City day at Jackson park and an art show on main street down town going on as well plus iffy weather, who knows ??
I finished baking and had lunch then started getting out all my inside fall decorations, well I should say more of the pumpkin and leaf decorations as I already have some fall with apples and sunflowers out. 
I did a laundry load of the apple furniture covers and put more late fall looking covers on them.
After climbing the attic stairs several times I needed a rest for a few minutes before hubbie got home from work and we started clearing out some of the things in the laundry room downstairs in case there is dust from the chimney job tomorrow.
The rain has stopped this evening and we only got 1/2 inch out of the front.
The air already has a definite chill to it as I tried to sit out in the patio over looking the road tonight for a while.
The sunset was very pretty tonight with the fleeting clouds in the breeze that is blowing in the cold front.
The reflection of the sun behind the clouds in the eastern sky was prettier tonight than the western sky sunset.
It feels like fall this evening and as I gaze out over the yellowing soy bean fields across the creek it definitely looks a little like fall.
We don't have a lot of leaf color yet but the fields of soybeans and corn say it is almost time for fall harvest.
After chores and supper I iced cakes for the rest of the evening and then baked an apple cake for a late order from a regular customer.
I need to catch up on my late nights and early mornings of this week but it won't be tonight or in the morning. Oh well !
Thankful for a merciful loving savior that blesses me unconditionally every day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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