Saturday, October 4, 2014


Up and out in the refreshingly cool air this morning at 47 degrees with a breeze it would definitely wake you up.
Daughter and Rebekah brought baked goods over before we left.  We got to market a few minutes earlier and got set up before any customers showed up.  Guess everyone is waiting for the warm sunshine to make an appearance.
After a really slow start to the day it turned out to be a pretty good day after all.  There were alot of folks walking through on their way to and from the arts festival uptown.
At 2:00 the isles were empty but the parking lot was still pretty full with the arts vendors cars being allowed to use our lot.
I made stops at the P.O. and a Goodwill store to check for some Halloween costume supplies. I found some of the things I was looking for thankfully.  I also made a baking supply stop at Aldi.  Checked out the farm outlet I have been going to but they were closed for the season. Another stark reminder that cold weather is coming soon.
When I got home #2 son and hubbie were down in the lower pasture helping Aaron try to catch a couple of his cows to doctor their footrot feet.
They all soon gave up and hubbie and #2 son came up to continue work on getting the flue liners out of our chimney.  They broke one of the rods they were using on the device to break them up and had to get Aaron to weld it back together for them.
While they worked I carried plants inside and Rebekah and I gleaned the garden. We picked 1/2 bushel each of bell pepper and hot banana pepper along with some butternut squash and a few tomatoes.  I see some pepper relish and hot mustard sauce in our near future.

With our area being under a freeze warning tonight we thought we had better get all the things gathered in.

I had some help feeding the hens and gathering eggs this evening.
Evy loves the hens and feeds the corn just a few grains at a time.  She kept asking for more corn so the hens got a good big snack of cracked corn to help keep them warm tonight !!
While the guys worked on the chimney Rebekah and searched for something to cook for supper. She ran home to get her pressure pot and I got out some little steaks from the freezer to go with rice and beans. The steaks were frozen so we needed the pressure pot to thaw and cook them quickly.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the thrown together supper.
After they all left I found another couple plants to bring inside and then hubbie and I settled down for the evening to relax.
It is 44 degrees at 10:00 tonight so I suspect we will get our first frost and freeze overnight.
God is always good and I am so thankful for the blessings He sends my way.
Good Night and God Bless.

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